Friday, November 12, 2010

Hi Pam
I'm so happy that you had a great time in my waring party.But it took me whole day to clean the the house because there was litter on the carpet and it was very dirty because of the drinks and food that people had spill on the sofa.There was food everywere.And I understand you. I know that your bus left early so don't worry.

All the pectures that you took are very beautiful .But I think the best one is the one where we are all together on the sofa,It's really funny. You haven't got lots of photos where we are all together and I think this is better thn the athers.

Yes I found your leather-bownd filefox but it wasn't on the bedside table in the spare room.It was under the sofa.I'll bring it to you when I come to your new place.I can't wait to visit you and see your new place.I'd like to go to a cafe' and tell me your news.Then we can see archaeological sights and go shopping.It would be fun

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