Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Essay on education

Although most people would generally agree that a state educational system is the most suitable for young children ,there is a grater number of people in America who prefer to educate their kids at home.This is known as homeschooling.

The reason that most parents choose homeschooling is because their kids feel free and confident because they are familiar with their home environment.Also they have the opportunity to have independence thinking and get respect for their parents as teachers.Spending time together they increase their relationship.It is said that schooled students demonstrate excellent academic progress comparing with the others in public schools.

Nevertheless homeschooling has some negative factors to consider.For example some students have serious problems socialising.At home they do not have the chance to communicate and cooperate with other kids in their age.So they do not learn to work in a team.And a problem that most home educated students face is 'nostalgia' for the school environment and maybe feel jealous of the other children.

Despite what many people say,I believe that home schooling is not the best solution for children's education because they feel independent at school and meet lots of friends.That's the main factor that most countries prefer this system.So I would strongly recommend the school environment.