Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dear Pam

Thanks for your e-mail. It's great to hear from you! I was so happy when I saw you atr my housewarming party last week!
The party was fantastic but I spent the whole day cleaning up the house ! The house was in a terrible mess . There was rubbish everywhere and also there were broken glasses on the floor . There were dirty plates and glasses, too.
I want you to give me , some photos that you took from the party . I want the photo with Manos , John , Pelina and Stela . You took this photo when they were dancing in the living room . Also , I want the photo where Stelios , Christina , Nick , me and Eleni . We are together , in the spare room and we are playing board games .
I found your diary in the spare room . I can send it or you can wait until I visit you and I'll bring it with me . I can visit you this week . I'd like to visit the ancient ruins in your town ! Also , we can go to the new Starbucks in the mal or we can go shopping .

Something was wrong ...

As soon as the telephone rang , she knew something was wrong . Lena was 25 years old and she was a secretary of a food company . Lena was upset when she heard the news !
It was from the hospital . A nurse asked her if she knew Emma Black . Lena answered that she was her best friend . The nurse said that she had an accident in her car . Emma's car had crashed with another car . She was in a bed condision and she need an operation .
Lena didn't lose her control and she was optimistic . She decided to call Emma's friends to go to the hospital to help her . After four hours of suspense the operation finished and Emma came round.
At last everyone was happy and Emma after the operation stayed in the hospital for five days until she got better !!!

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is a book about a little boy , Oliver . It was written by Charles Dickens in 1837-1838 . Oliver's mother was ill and she died when shegave birth to him. Because she wasn't married , Oliver went in a workhouse . There were dirty , uncomfortable rooms and people were unfriendly . Oliver was poor , alone and very sad.He was thin and he had to work.One time , when Oliver ate his soup , he said to the master that he wanted more and then the master hit him , Mr.Bumble was an officer in the workhouse and he thought that Oliver would become a criminal. So he announced that he sold Oliver for give pounds . Mr. Bumble asked Mr. Soweberry if he wanted to take Oliver with him........!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Grinch (by anna and maria)

In my view, the movie ''The Grinch'' is a very funny movie!It's the best choice of movie for christmas holidays.The fact that Jim Carey is the main character makes it funnier..I have seen the part 1 of the movie on youtube and I found it really spectacular.The movie is about a monster witch lives near a village of citizens who love Christmas,Whoville.One day two boys went at his cave by accident to have fun and made him mad.From this time, Grinch wanted to destroy their Christmas to take revenge on the whos. In part 2 I think that the Grinch is going to  destroy their christmas and as a result he will let the whos down.But who knows?The film might have an unexpected end.

The Grinch

 I think Grinch will destroy the Whoville and the Christmas spirit of the town! The little girl will understand that Grinch is in the town and she will do everything to change Grinch's opinion for Christmas.Finally Grinch will love Christmas and all Whos will change their opinion about Grinch!


We believe that this movie is spectacular!
The characters are really funny.Some of the reasons are: the costumes of the actors ,the sceneries and the lines.We recommend that movie for everybody who loves Christmas!
In our view,this grim monster"Grinch"will try to destroy the Christmas atmosphere and cause a lot of damages to take revenge of some naughty teenagers that made fun of him.After a lot of tries to destroy the area, the little girl that we saw previous,will try to change monster's mind about destroying their Cristmas and celebrate with all the other residents!But who knows what will happen in the end?

The Grinch

I think Grinch is an enjoyable movie because there are funny characters.

People love Christmas in Whoville but there is a monster who is called Grinch.He hates Christmas and he wants to destroy anything that has to do with Christmas.

Eventually Grinch won't destroy Whoville and everyone will be pleased.


I think that Grinch will try to destroy the town but the little girl will do everything to change his opinion.So at the end Grinch will stop hating Christmas and he will be a good and a friendly monster with all the people.He'll also help the people to prepare the presents and distribute them to the houses!!!!!

The Grinch

The Grinch is a Christmas movie that is about Whoville a small town and a monster Grinch.
It's Christmas time and the people of the town are being prepared for Christmas. However, Grinch hates Christmas and his plan is to destroy this year's Christmas.He is leaving his cave and goes to the town, wearing a costume, so nobody can understand him.After that he starts to destroy the Christmas. Is he going to destroy Christmas at last?In my opinion he won't achieve to destroy Christmas, but he will also change his mind about Christmas.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Oliver Twist (By Charles Dickens)

Oliver Twist was born in a work-house.Work-houses were buildings for people who had no job and were lazy.The local gouverment provided accomodation there with beds and food.But this place was uncomfortable, unfriendly, dirty and the food was little.The whole point was to make poor and lazy people to find jobs.His mother was pregnant from an unknown guy, so she left her house to avoid the humiliation.But unfortunately she died on the birth.So Oliver was an orphan and all alone.He started working from the age of 9.The only thing that he was eating every day was tasteless soup and only on Sundays a little bread.He couldn't eat more than one plate of soup and the plate was never washed!One day, Oliver asked gently for a little more soup.Then Mr Bumble (an officer) shut him in a dark room for a week!And every day, Mr Bumble was hitting him with a bat.Mr Bumble wrote a note and put it on the noticeboard.The note was saying:Everybody who will take Oliver Twist away from the work-house, will be rewarded with 5 pounds.Oliver was crying all day and couldn't sleep at nights.He was starving and he was wearing rugs.One day Mr Sowberry (a person who made coffins for dead peopla from tha work-house) came....

Here you can learn some things about Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist was born in a work house, with no mother an no father.The Workhouse was a place where poor people stay.They were eating little food and they were very dirty.One day Oliver asked for more food and then they closed Oliver in a cellar.Then Mr Bumble thought that Oliver will be a criminal.In addition to that, Mr Bumble was giving five pounds if somebody took Oliver to work with him.One day Mr Sowerberry came in the workhouse.Mr Bumble told him for the five pounds in case he wanted to take Oliver.

Oliver Twist

His mother was pregnant in the street and Oliver was born in a workhouse.In a workhouse homeless and very poor people stayed.When she bore Oliver,she died.Oliver grew up in the workhouse.He was eating meat in water and he wanted some more food.For that reason Oliver was a prisoner for a whole week.The workhouse was giving five pounds if somebody wanted to give work to Oliver.Nobody came.Finally one day Soweberry wanted to give some work to Oliver.Soweberry made coffins for dead people.

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is a novel writen by Charles Dickens. It takes place in the 18th century.It talks about Oliver Twist. In part one we see the birth of this boy. He was born in a workhause. His mother left her home because she wasn't married and she also was pregnant. In this time being unmarried and pregnant was something like a crime. After Olivers birth, his mother died. So Oliver had no parents. Then the book takes us 9 years later, when Oliver lives in the workhause and must work for 3 soups per day. When Oliver in one of the meals asks for more soup the chef brings Mister Bumble, an officer in the town, who takes Oliver as a prisoner. Next day, a notice appears on the Workhause. It says: 5 pounds for anyone who will take Oliver Twist.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


One of the best horror films i've ever seen is Paranormal Activity.It is a non-fiction film so the characters are not successful and they are not actors...

The whole film is a real story with no director and studio but it was shot with the man's camera.It;s about a couple.Something bad (like devil)is always following the woman,but she tries with her husband to overcome it by changing houses because they believed that something was going on with the hauses....But the probleme wasn't the houses but the woman!!!!!At the end the devil kills the man and the woman returns into the devil!

In my opinion,the thing that makes this film scary is that it is a real story with no adaptation.But it's not only that!The sounds that it's got make the film scary,too


My film takes place in a lonely haunted house.It happent in 2009.The stars in my movie are a murderer,a body and some teenagers.It involves a murderer in a haunted house .One very spooky night some teenagers(Mike,Jason and Tim)went in a haunted house to spend their evening and suddenly they discovered a body.Who killed this man?That's a very complecated story!!!


The German group Tokyo Hotel gave a concert in my town last Saturday.The concert was at the "Pagritio stadioum"at 8 o'clock.When i arrived there was a capacity crowed but fortunately as seats were not taken!!!

Right from the begining the atmosphere was electric.Their songs were awsome.For example when they were singing their hit"Don't Jump"everybody was dancing.But when they were singing quieter songs,everybody was crying and waving the lighters....The lights were fantastic.Every time the drummer played the lights changed different colours.

However,there were some bad points about the concert!Some silly men were throwing plastic bottles in the air and a women got hurt.Another disadantage was that the guitar player lost the rhythm and finally they ended up not playing that song!!!!!!

If we makean exeption of these problemes,overall the concert was apsoloutely fabulous.If you like Tokyo Hotel,i would recommend you to go to one of their concerts and admire them.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Last month i went to the cinema with my friends and we saw a horror film "A VAMPIRE". It takes place in a big city in 2008. The main characters are jake, a policeman and a vampire.
A vampire wanted to destroy the town and ate animals. A policeman and some of his workmates tried to catch him. And one they achieved it. They catch him. So a policeman and his workmates save the town.
The film is scary because it shows a vampire eating the animals and this is frightening, but i like it.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Book You Can Read

The Firm by Joahn Grisham

Mitch McDeere is young, intelligent and ambitious. When he gets a job with the law firm of Bendini, Lambert & Locke it seems to be the path to money and power. But soon Mitch finds that the firm is listening to all his phone calls, and the FBI want to speak to him. Money power has a price-and it could be Mitch's life..

A really good and conteporary book! I suggest it to you! It has suspense and you'll enjoy it!