Saturday, February 26, 2011

Formal Letter of Complaint

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are writing to complain about the holiday which we took in your hotel (10th-17th June) after seeing your brochure.

First of all, your brochure claimed that there were fridges. Unfortunately, the fridge in our room was broken and our drinks were hot and it was summer, so we needed cool drinks. Moreover, the TV had only two local channels available and these were not in English as stated in your brochure.

In addition, the beach was not suitable for swimming because there was litter everywere and dead fish.It smelled awful.Also, there were no beach chairs so we could not sit and there were not ubrellas so our eyes hurt because of the sun. Another problem was the town centre. It was lots of minutes away by car, not on foot.

We think that your brochure was clearly misleading. As a result,we would like a refund of 500 euros which is half the money we paid.We feel that this is all the holiday was really worth.

We look forward to receiving a promt reply.

Yours faithfully,
Izoldy Tsagaraki

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  1. Excellent work, Izoldi! I have already 'advertised' (as promised) the links to your two new blog posts:

    Well done once again! You have all become amazing bloggers!