Friday, January 28, 2011

"Oliver Twist 2"

Oliver Twist started working with Shouerberry. Oliver Twist lived in Shouerberry ' s house where his wife was. The woman was very bad with Oliver. In the house there was a fat boy called Noah who was very rude to Oliver. Oliver always got into truble. One day the boy took all his clothes and escaped from the house.

Oliver Twist part 2

Mr Sawberry went out for a walk.He saw Oliver and soon arranged for Oliver to work for him. He had a shop and he sold coffins.His wife came to see Oliver.He was too thin and short. She knew that he was living into the workhouse.Mr Sawberry said that this boy ate their food, drank their drinks so he cost a lot.She was so rude and strict. They gave him the dog's food but Oliver ate it fast because he liked it.Oliver slept in the coffins of the shop because he couldn't sleep anywhere else.

In the morning someone knocked on the door.He opened it and saw a fat boy eating bread with butter.Oliver asked him if he wanted coffins. His name was Noah Claypole.He said that Oliver worked under him.Noah's dad was a drunken soldier and his mum washed clothes.Noah said him that his mother was bad and he said that he pitied him.So Oliver became angry and threw him in the ground Mr Sawberry came from the kitchen and scratched Oliver's face. Noah hit him from behind and tore his clothes.

Then they put him in a dark room.He sat and cried.The woman told Mr Sawberry that he would have killed them.Then Noah saw to Mrs Bumble and said that Oliver tried to murder him. Bumble came to the dark room to talk to him and Oliver said that he was not afraid.The man said to them that the problem was the meat that they gave him and that he came for a bad family.But suddenly the woman started crying and said to Mr Sawberry to beat the child. He heard her and hit Oliver very hard.Finally, at night Oliver tidied his clothes,took all his things,opened the door and escaped.

Oliver Twist

He goes out to work!
Oliver started working with Mr Sourberry in a coffin shop. The wife of Mr Sourberry, Mrs Sourberry, when she saw Oliver thought that he was not up to the job because he was short and thin, and he cost a lot. Mrs Sourberry was so bad with Oliver. She gave him the meat of the dog's plate. But Oliver with the thought of meat shined. Oliver's bed was the coffins. He was so afraid. One day Noah, a big fat boy, knocked on the shop's door. Oliver opened to him and Noah said to Oliver that he was working for him. Noah's mother was washing clothes and his father's job was drunken soldier.

He runs away!
Mr Sourberry was good to Oliver but Mrs Sourberry hated him. Oliver's life wasn't so good. One day Noah tried to make him cry by saying to him that his mother was bad. Oliver went mad and hit Noah. He shouted at Mrs Sourberry and she scratched Oliver's face. After this Noah hit him from behind. They hit Oliver too much. Afterwards, Mrs Sourberry told him to go to the black room. Mss Sourberry lied to her housband and the same did Noah to Mr Bumble. He said that Oliver tried to kill them. When Mr Bumble went to the black room and saw him, Oliver told him that he was not afraid. This make Bumble think that the problem was the meat that he was eating. He told the Sourberry family that if they gave him soup this wouldn't happen again. Then, Mrs Sourberry cried, so Mr Sourberry hit Oliver. The next morning Oliver took his clothes and went away..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oliver Twist Part 2

Oliver Twist worked with Mr Sowerberry.Mr Sowerberry made coffins for dead people.Mr Sowerberry behaved better to Oliver than his wife.His wife was Mrs Sowerberry.She was a thin and short woman and she talked badly to Oliver.She called him 'bag of bones'.When Mrs Sowerberry told Oliver to eat meat, Oliver's eyes shone.Oliver was sleeping between coffins.

The next day Oliver ate butter and bread for breakfast.Later Noah Claypole came.Noah was a poor child but he was very rude.His mother washed clothes and his father was a drunken soldier.Noah tried to make  Oliver cry .Mrs Sowerberry scratched Oliver in his face.After that, they stopped fighting.Oliver went in a dark room.Later Oliver came out of the dark room.Noah told him about his mother and Oliver attacked to Noah.When Mr Sowerberry came,he saw Mrs Sowerberry cry. Mr Sowerberry beat him.The next day Oliver left with some clothes in his hand...

To Be Continued....

Oliver Twist (Unit 2 and 3)

Oliver started working with Mr Sowerberry in his coffin shop . Mrs Sowerberry was a bad , mean , rude and strict woman.Oliver was a small boy, like a 'bag of bones'.Mrs Swerberry took Oliver to his room.But his room was dark and his bed was a coffin. Suddenly, he heard a knock on the door.When he opened the door he saw a fat and big boy , eating bread and butter. The boy was Mr Noah Claypole. He wasn't from the workhouse but his mother washed clothes and his father was a drunken soldier.Also this boy was very rude to Oliver. Mr Sowerberry was polite to Oliver but Mrs Sowerberry was impolite to him and she wanted to make Oliver cry. So she said to him bad things about his mother when Mr Sowerberry was gone .Then Oliver got angry with her and he went to the dark room and started crying.Mrs Sowerberry called Mr Mumdle and told him the lie that Oliver tried to murder her . When MrBumdle arrived told her that the problem was the food because she gave Oliver a lot of meat. Mr Bumdle told her to leave Oliver without food.But Oliver took his clothes and ran away from this awful house!!!!!!!!



Mr Sourberry accepted Oliver who was given to him by Mr Bumble...Oliver started work with Mr Sourberry with no electricity!Mr Sourberrys' wife didn't like Oliver and thought that it was his fault that he was small(she called him a 'bag of bones').She said that Oliver's bed would be near the coffins.The next day appeared a big fat boy whose name was Noah Claypole...He didn't like Oliver either..He thought that he was great and he looked down on Oliver,but his mother's job was to wash clothes and his father was a drunken soldier!


Mr Sourberry was nice and kind to Oliver,but his wife thought that he was her enemy.Oliver didn't have a comfortable life.One of his problems was Noah,who was trying to make Oliver cry...A cold evening,while Oliver was eating some meat,Noah said bad things about Oliver's mother in front of him...and then Oliver hit him very hard....Suddenly, Sourberrys' wife got in the room and tried to save Noah from Olivers' hands.Then she hit and scratched Oliver as a panishment...When Mr Sourberry got in, his wife started crying,and she orderd her husband to hit Oliver....After he hit him, he put him into a dark room.Noah said all these things to Mr Bumble and he came in to the house...When Mr Mumble talked to Oliver, he wasn't afraid of him and that made Mr Bumble really angry...He said to Mr Sourberry that the problem was the meat that Oliver ate...Mr Sourberry felt forced to beat Oliver and he did it...At night Oliver took his clothes and left that terrible house!!!!!!

Oliver Twist ( Chapter 2 & 3)

Next day Mr Sourberry , a man who made coffins for the dead people, appeared in the workhouse and wanted to take Oliver with him. After that Mr Bumble took Oliver to Sourberry's shop. Mr Sourberry called Mrs Sourberry, a selfish, rude and strict woman to see Oliver. She called Oliver ' Bag of Bones' and gave him to eat the dog's food. 

Then she took Oliver in the shop and told him that he would sleep among the coffins. The next day Oliver woke up because of a door knock. He opened the door and saw a fat boy eating bread and butter. This boy, Noah Claypole was a poor boy who lived in the neighborhood.However, he pretended to be a rich boy and made Oliver work under him.

After some more days passed by, Noah made Oliver's life even worse. Although Mr Sourberry was kind to him, Mrs Sourberry was his enemy. One day Noah was trying to make Oliver cry, so he provoked him by telling bad things about his mother. Oliver was very upset and fought with Noah. Then Mrs Sourberry appeared and started to tear and hit Oliver. After that he put him into a very dark room. 

Noah went to Mr Bumble and told him that Oliver tried to kill him and Mrs Sourberry. Mr Bumble went to Sourberry's house and asked Oliver if he was afraid of him. Oliver answered that he wasn't afraid of him, an answer that Mr Bumble didn't expect to hear. Bumble was very surprised and justified Oliver's answer as a result of eating a lot of meat. He even said to Mrs Sourberry that she was very kind to Oliver! 

When, at night, Mr Sourberry went home, Mrs Sourberry told him what happened and despite the fact that Mr Sourberry wanted to be kind to the boy, his wife made him hit Oliver. At night Oliver went to sleep in the shop and cried all night. Finally, in the early morning he took all of his clothes and escaped....

Oliver Twist

Mr.Showerberry bought Oliver and Oliver start working with him.When Mrs. Showerberry saw Oliver she called him 'bag of bones'. Mr.Bumble agreed, but he told that Oliver would grow up. When they arrived at the home Mrs. Showerberry let Oliver eat meat.When he saw the meat his eyes shone. The next day the door rang.It was Noah Claypole. Noah was a poor boy. His mother washed clothes and his father was a drunker soldier. Noah was very rude to Oliver. One day Noah told Oliver that if his mother was alive she would have reached the gallows. Then Oliver hit Mr Noah.Mr Noah told that Oliver was about to kill him.At night Oliver wept. He took all his clothes and in the morning he ran away.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is a book written by Michael Crichton. The book has been transferred 3 times in a movie.

The story begins in Montana, USA where two scientists, one paleontologist- Dr Alan Grant and one paleobotanist- Dr Ellie Sattler, are studying dinosaurs. Suddenly a lawyer from the EPA ( environmental protection agency ) arrives and wants to talk to Alan Grant. The lawyer wants to learn a few things about John Hammond(a millionaire) who is giving money to Alan Grant in order to learn more about dinosaurs. Alan replies to the lawyer that Hammond gives him about $30.000 per year for their work on dinosaurs. After that the lawyer leaves and Allan with Ellie are receiving a fax that talks about an attack near Costa Rica from a very big lizard that looks like a real dinosaur who lived in the Jurassic period.Ellie and Alan can't believe their eyes. After that they get a phone call from Hammond who tells them that they have to go to his island near Costa Rica. So, a helicopter transfer them to Isla Nublar. There they meet Ed Regis - the publicity manager. As soon as they got out of the helicopter Alan starred at a very high tree with no leaves. After a few moments he realized that he wasn't looking at a tree but a real dinosaur who was 15 m high. At first he thought that this was certainly a machine but then Malcolm ( a mathematician ) and Denis Nedry ( a computer expert ) asked Hammond if this animal was alive and Hammond said that this animal was really alive.Then they all went in the Control Room where the most powerful computer system was installed in order to keep the park safe, they met John Arnold, the chief engineer, and Robert Muldoon , the park warden who looked after the animals , two of the most important men in the Jurassic Park. Then they went in a Room called Extractions. There they meet Henry Wu the chief genetic who explained to them how they made the dinosaur's DNA. Wu took dinosaur's DNA from a tree called amber, that dinosaurs used to feed with it. So Dinosaurs blood was inside amber. Although some pieces of the DNA was missing so Wu took these pieces from other animals and replaced it. Some moments later they were back again in the Control room where Arnold showed them how the park was working. He showed them a map of the island where blue lines appeared. These blue lines showed the movement of the dinosaurs. also there were some sensors who were counting the number of the dinosaurs who existed in the hole park. Furthermore the dinosaurs couldn't escape from their enclosures because there were extremely powerful electric fences. Everything showed that the park was very safe, however Malcolm thought that according to his theory everything was going to be destroyed. His theory was called ' The chaotic theory' that said that when everything is going extremely perfect something was going to happen and everything would be destroyed.

All of them went in a tour of the island but Nedry didn't want to go with them. Nedry had a plan.
He was going to shut all the computer system down in order to steal the dinosaurs' DNA and give it in another company. Indeed, while the others with Hammond's grandchildren were in the tour, Nedry shuted down all the computer system and stole the dinosaurs' DNA. Unfortunately without electricity the Jurassic park wasn't safe anymore. So , while Nedry tried to escape from the island he was killed by a dinosaur.

Furthermore all of the others were in great danger too. Without electricity the park became as it was in the Jurassic period. Some dinosaurs killed others in order to feed their self. So, the dinosaurs attacked in many of the people and many of them were killed for example Professor Malcolm and Hammond. Although all of them tried to get in the Control Room and start the computer system again in order to be safe, no one could start the system again so they called the police and soon they were in helicopters watching the island burning.....

Jurassic Park Beat ( soundtrack from the movie)

My fondest concert

The rock group 'Metallica' gave a concert in my town last Saturday.The stadium was full two hours before the start of the concert.There was a capacity crowd.

The concert started at eight o' clock.They played the really loud song Master Of Puppets and directly then their hit-song Fade To Black. The atmosphere was electric.After that the group sang thirty great songs.

Unfortunately there was a bad point to the concert.The lighting was not good because it makes you dizzy.Anyway, the rock group played a song called Unforgiven at the end.People waved their lighters and mobiles. It was exiting.

That was the best concert whick i had ever been. I would recomend you to go and see Metallica because it is a fantastic experience.


Dear Sir,Madam

I read your article about traffic.I agree with you absolutely.Traffic is a serious problem which keep busy loads of people.

First of all traffic pollutes the air. Plenty of families have more than two cars. Today people want to do everything rapidly.So, they want to go everywhere by car.This creates traffic jams.Despite you go somewhere by car you can go on foot faster because there is a lot of traffic.

There are sollutions to solve this problem. We must reduce the number of cars per family. We must not use coal and gas because they pollute the atmosphere like the exhaust fumes.We can increase the amount of public transports.

In conclusion we can reduce the traffic.

Yours faithfully


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dear Sir / Madam

I agree that traffic is a serious problem and it needs a solution .

For example people do everything quickly so they use the cars in order not to be late for their jobs. Nowdays many households have more than 2 cars so parking spaces are full and the number of cars is increasing so there are many traffic jams .

I think there are solutions to the traffic problem . The number of cars on the roads must be redused . People can use alternative means of public transport like buses , trains , metros . Also , they should use bikes or they can walk . It would be wonderful if there were bikes paths .

The whole reason to doing this is to reduce air - pollution!

Yours Fathfully

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Oliver was a little boy who was born in a big workhause.Unfortunately his poor mother died after the birth.Her life was so difficult.She was not married and she was pregnant.But according to the law,when you were pregnant,but not married,you should be hung because they thought that,that was a crime.That's the reason,she left her hause!!!!!

As i said before,Oliver was living in a workhause.There the things were difficult.Oliver was obliged to work all day for a little amount of food.Their food was a little bit of soup or a piece of meat with soup that was like water.Only on Sundays they were eating the soup but with a piece of bread.

The whole workhause was filthy.They weren't washing up the plates.

As the days went by,Oliver,during a cloudy afternoon,asked for a little more soup.But Mr Bumble,who was an important officer in the town,started beating Oliver because the children should have only one bowl of soup.After that he shut Oliver in a dark room,for all the week,as a punishment!!!!Mr Bumble thought that Oliver would become a thief when he grew up and that's the reason that he gave 5 pounts to anyone that take Oliver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!