Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Essay on education

Although most people would generally agree that a state educational system is the most suitable for young children ,there is a grater number of people in America who prefer to educate their kids at home.This is known as homeschooling.

The reason that most parents choose homeschooling is because their kids feel free and confident because they are familiar with their home environment.Also they have the opportunity to have independence thinking and get respect for their parents as teachers.Spending time together they increase their relationship.It is said that schooled students demonstrate excellent academic progress comparing with the others in public schools.

Nevertheless homeschooling has some negative factors to consider.For example some students have serious problems socialising.At home they do not have the chance to communicate and cooperate with other kids in their age.So they do not learn to work in a team.And a problem that most home educated students face is 'nostalgia' for the school environment and maybe feel jealous of the other children.

Despite what many people say,I believe that home schooling is not the best solution for children's education because they feel independent at school and meet lots of friends.That's the main factor that most countries prefer this system.So I would strongly recommend the school environment.

Friday, February 24, 2012

My favourite advert

My favourite advertisement is cosmote's advertisement that was created in 2012.It's a greek advert.I love it because it is funny and enjoyable.The meaning of this advert is to tell us that having more things is better than having less.They want to make people buy their product.Also it has successful slogans that makes you laugh.A small video for this advert.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Project

And finally after a long and tiring day, Tina was able to take a rest on the couch. She had fortunately managed to finish all her projects and now all she really wanted was just to watch her favourite programme in TV.

However, she was so tired that she fell asleep in a minute just as the programme on TV started.Suddenly, she woke up in a huge royal bed. She was wearing a long linen dress and so she thought that it had to be summer. She then looked at herself in the mirror and released that she was a queen! The queen which her project at school referred to. She then heard someone speaking to her :

'Good morning my queen! Is there something I can do for you?' wondered the young slave
'Yes! Call my husband at once.' Tina heard herself demanding
'I'm afraid that the great king is in the battle at the moment.' whispered the slave
'OK! Then leave me alone!'

Tina was very surprised by all these things.She sat in a chair wondering how she had got there,when suddenly she heard the slave screaming. The enemy had reached the castle and soldiers were coming to kill her!

As the soldiers went for her, Tina woke up shaking with fear on the couch while her favourite programme was still playing. She laughed and thought that it was only a dream and that she was affected by her project. It had brought history to life for Tina in a really exciting way.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Exam experiences!

How did you do at your very first official exams,  my dear bloggers?

Tell me all about it by leaving a comment!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


After surfing the Net and googling certain key concepts, answer the following questions:

What is Halloween and what do its celebrations involve?

Is keeping traditions important to a nation? Is knowing about foreign traditions equally important?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


There are lots of sights to visit like:The Eiffel Tower that is a national landmark and it is 1,050 feet tall.From there you can marvel all Paris.!Another sight is Louvre that is one of the world's best known art gallesies . The Louvre contains many priceless works,including the Mona Liza,the Winged Victory of Samothrance and the Venous de Milous.The Cathedral of Northen Dame is the largest church in France .The Arc de Thriomphe is a neoclassical architecture.It is located in the central Paris .

About the transport options there are metro, TVG (high speed train service) , bus and taxi.(

The most famous and luxury hotels are: Hotel Lutetia(, Grand hotel Royal, hotel Concorde Montparnasse (, hotel Ritz( e.t.c...!

In Paris , there are lots of restaurants and fast food restaurants, to taste all the french flavor. Although the food is delicious , sometimes it is unhealthy.

In my opinion the city of light(Paris) is the best destination for everyone!


London is a place that everyone want to visit because there are loads of sights to visit. The hotels are brilliant.Although the weather is not too good you can always do plenty things!
There are too many sights and places to visit.First of all the Big Ben.It is a wonderful tower with a huge clock in the top.Secondly you can also visit two fantastic museums Science museum and British museum.Science museum is amazing!There is the first spacecraft that went to the moon!There are a lot of other things that they are too interesting.British museum have ancients things from egypt and greece.Thirdly you must visit backingham palace and you can see 'Changing the guards.London Bridge is a famous places that it has history!After that you can visit a lot of places such as chinatown,London eye,Madame Tussauds and the magnificent town of universities Cambridge.There you can do panting,too.Finally you can go to Hide park.It is a huge park where you can play a lot of games like football.In the middle of the park there is a fantastic lake.
In London the easiest way to go everywhere is metro,train and on foot.There are loads of hotels to stay like Phoenix hotel that is a nice hotel with good staff.The rooms are comfortable.The hotel offer breakfast that is fantastic.There is whatever you want to eat in this breakfast.Lunch and dinner you can eat in some restaurants in this region.Like Burger Kings,Pizza Hut and there are some greek restaurants,too.The food in london is not too healthy but it is delicious!


I would like to visit Sydney! In my opinion, Sydney is the most beautiful city in the world!In Sydney Im going to see a performance at the Sydney Opera House.Im also going go to go on The Rocks and Im going to walk the narrow winding streets and explore what life was like during Sydney's founding years.In addition Im going to go on Sydney's Museums where I can see everything,from natural science and history to trams and sharks.Im going to eat at some local Sydney's restaurant.And Im going to stay at a famous Sydney's hotel called Hilton Hotel Sydney.