Tuesday, January 25, 2011



Mr Sourberry accepted Oliver who was given to him by Mr Bumble...Oliver started work with Mr Sourberry with no electricity!Mr Sourberrys' wife didn't like Oliver and thought that it was his fault that he was small(she called him a 'bag of bones').She said that Oliver's bed would be near the coffins.The next day appeared a big fat boy whose name was Noah Claypole...He didn't like Oliver either..He thought that he was great and he looked down on Oliver,but his mother's job was to wash clothes and his father was a drunken soldier!


Mr Sourberry was nice and kind to Oliver,but his wife thought that he was her enemy.Oliver didn't have a comfortable life.One of his problems was Noah,who was trying to make Oliver cry...A cold evening,while Oliver was eating some meat,Noah said bad things about Oliver's mother in front of him...and then Oliver hit him very hard....Suddenly, Sourberrys' wife got in the room and tried to save Noah from Olivers' hands.Then she hit and scratched Oliver as a panishment...When Mr Sourberry got in, his wife started crying,and she orderd her husband to hit Oliver....After he hit him, he put him into a dark room.Noah said all these things to Mr Bumble and he came in to the house...When Mr Mumble talked to Oliver, he wasn't afraid of him and that made Mr Bumble really angry...He said to Mr Sourberry that the problem was the meat that Oliver ate...Mr Sourberry felt forced to beat Oliver and he did it...At night Oliver took his clothes and left that terrible house!!!!!!

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