Monday, December 19, 2011

The Project

And finally after a long and tiring day, Tina was able to take a rest on the couch. She had fortunately managed to finish all her projects and now all she really wanted was just to watch her favourite programme in TV.

However, she was so tired that she fell asleep in a minute just as the programme on TV started.Suddenly, she woke up in a huge royal bed. She was wearing a long linen dress and so she thought that it had to be summer. She then looked at herself in the mirror and released that she was a queen! The queen which her project at school referred to. She then heard someone speaking to her :

'Good morning my queen! Is there something I can do for you?' wondered the young slave
'Yes! Call my husband at once.' Tina heard herself demanding
'I'm afraid that the great king is in the battle at the moment.' whispered the slave
'OK! Then leave me alone!'

Tina was very surprised by all these things.She sat in a chair wondering how she had got there,when suddenly she heard the slave screaming. The enemy had reached the castle and soldiers were coming to kill her!

As the soldiers went for her, Tina woke up shaking with fear on the couch while her favourite programme was still playing. She laughed and thought that it was only a dream and that she was affected by her project. It had brought history to life for Tina in a really exciting way.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Exam experiences!

How did you do at your very first official exams,  my dear bloggers?

Tell me all about it by leaving a comment!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


After surfing the Net and googling certain key concepts, answer the following questions:

What is Halloween and what do its celebrations involve?

Is keeping traditions important to a nation? Is knowing about foreign traditions equally important?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


There are lots of sights to visit like:The Eiffel Tower that is a national landmark and it is 1,050 feet tall.From there you can marvel all Paris.!Another sight is Louvre that is one of the world's best known art gallesies . The Louvre contains many priceless works,including the Mona Liza,the Winged Victory of Samothrance and the Venous de Milous.The Cathedral of Northen Dame is the largest church in France .The Arc de Thriomphe is a neoclassical architecture.It is located in the central Paris .

About the transport options there are metro, TVG (high speed train service) , bus and taxi.(

The most famous and luxury hotels are: Hotel Lutetia(, Grand hotel Royal, hotel Concorde Montparnasse (, hotel Ritz( e.t.c...!

In Paris , there are lots of restaurants and fast food restaurants, to taste all the french flavor. Although the food is delicious , sometimes it is unhealthy.

In my opinion the city of light(Paris) is the best destination for everyone!


London is a place that everyone want to visit because there are loads of sights to visit. The hotels are brilliant.Although the weather is not too good you can always do plenty things!
There are too many sights and places to visit.First of all the Big Ben.It is a wonderful tower with a huge clock in the top.Secondly you can also visit two fantastic museums Science museum and British museum.Science museum is amazing!There is the first spacecraft that went to the moon!There are a lot of other things that they are too interesting.British museum have ancients things from egypt and greece.Thirdly you must visit backingham palace and you can see 'Changing the guards.London Bridge is a famous places that it has history!After that you can visit a lot of places such as chinatown,London eye,Madame Tussauds and the magnificent town of universities Cambridge.There you can do panting,too.Finally you can go to Hide park.It is a huge park where you can play a lot of games like football.In the middle of the park there is a fantastic lake.
In London the easiest way to go everywhere is metro,train and on foot.There are loads of hotels to stay like Phoenix hotel that is a nice hotel with good staff.The rooms are comfortable.The hotel offer breakfast that is fantastic.There is whatever you want to eat in this breakfast.Lunch and dinner you can eat in some restaurants in this region.Like Burger Kings,Pizza Hut and there are some greek restaurants,too.The food in london is not too healthy but it is delicious!


I would like to visit Sydney! In my opinion, Sydney is the most beautiful city in the world!In Sydney Im going to see a performance at the Sydney Opera House.Im also going go to go on The Rocks and Im going to walk the narrow winding streets and explore what life was like during Sydney's founding years.In addition Im going to go on Sydney's Museums where I can see everything,from natural science and history to trams and sharks.Im going to eat at some local Sydney's restaurant.And Im going to stay at a famous Sydney's hotel called Hilton Hotel Sydney.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Grammar quizzes!  

Click on the handout you prefer and turn it into an online quiz by clicking on the corresponding phrase at the top of the page so as to get a score right after you complete the quiz.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

New exciting task! :-)

Visit and write about which place you would like to visit and the reasons for your choice. Post your answer on the blog.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Personal questions (speaking exams)

What's your ambitions for the future?
I have lots of plans for the future but the one that I'd love the most is to find an enjoyable job.I believe that the professional field that appeals to me is public relations.I think it is suitable job for me ,the dream of my life and I believe I have all the qualifications that meet the requirements of this job.I'm an outgoing person and I want to help other people have a good time.I have also done research and I know that there are lots of promotion prospects.I'd also like to live in Milan because it is a wonderful town.

What's your interests?
Well,I have lots of interests but the one that I love doing in my free time is listening to music,on my mp3 or on my mobile phone.My favourite kind of music is rock and reggae and my favourite band is Deep purple.I also like shopping because that makes me forget my problems so I can relax and have a good time with my friends.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Exciting video activities!

Watch two fantastic videos and answer the questions that follow them! Answers can be given in comment form or in a new blog post. You will find everything by clicking on this link: 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Speaking Cambridge part 1( personal questions)

1) What do you usually do in your free time?

When I have spare time, I usually go out with my friends. We are going shopping or for a cafe or even just for a walk.Moreover, when I'm a bit tired I prefer to stay home and read books or listen to music.I also, watch TV or surf the internet.

2) What are your plans for the future?

Well, when I graduate from school, I definitely want to go to a university. I also want to have my own house and to be able to earn my living on my own.In addition, I would like to make a family and find a job that fits me and makes me happy.

3) Do you like studying English?

Yes, I do like studying English because first of all, English is the most well known language and also it is used by the most people. Furthermore, I think that English will really help me not only in my carrier but also when I travel so I can communicate and meet new people.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Problem fixed!

I think I have fixed the problem your blog seemed to have had. Those who experienced difficulty logging in should try again and let me know what happened. See you all tomorrow! Don't forget your labeling mission described below! :-)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mission... possible!

Don't be afraid, it is a very easy one! It's about labeling your posts so as for them to be easily found by your readers! Labels, such as vocabulary calendars, word lists, stories, articles or personal thoughts, could help a lot in the organization of the blog. I would also be able to publicize your work more effectively! 

How can you label a post? Next to the box where you key in your text, there is a set of options (in the right-hand corner of your screen). After you complete your text, you click on the word 'labels' and then you type the name of the category you want your post to fall into. There are also labels already used whose name will automatically appear once you start typing it. 

Time to carry out the mission: label your posts (at least the most important ones!). Let's see who is up to the test! 

P.S. I have used the label 'missions' for the current post. Can you see where it is? Aren't labels lovely? :-)  

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I can see some of the fantastic writers of this blog in the photos! Way to go, guys! Keep travelling and learning! (You can see all photos here.)

Friday, July 29, 2011

FCE Speaking, Part 2

When speaking, it is important to employ a variety of words combined with appropriate adjectives that will enrich your sentences. The linked page above contains lists of nouns and adjectives that can be utilized in the second part of the FCE Speaking Test in which you may be asked to compare the pictures of two totally different places. Double click on the words you are not familiar with to be provided with their explanation in English.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Formal letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to apply for a place in the Big brother reality show as advertised in 'News' magazine. I believe I would be the ideal contestant for this show.
First of all, I have attended several auditions at the theatre.Furthermore, I myself was a contestant two years ago and I performed a dance routine in atalent show. So, I have a lot of experience.
Moreover, I really enjoy solving problems like doing crossword puzzles. I am also keen on playing games like chess, backgammon but also like computer adventure games.
Finally, I speak fluent English, as I had been living in England for 3 years and I also hold a certificate in FCE English. In addition, I do not mind making a fool of myself, I am very sociable and determined to win. I would be grateful If you could consider me. You can contact me on 2810 586 931

I look forward to hearing from you

Yours faithfully,
Maria Spanoudaki

Time For Safari!

Last summer I went on a safari in Africa. I was there with my best friends. We had won this safari holiday from a magazine. It was for three days. We satyed in a tree house in order to photograph the wild animals.

One night I was tired and I thought I'd got to bed early. I had just gone to sleep when I suddenly heard a screeching noise next to me. I swiftly woke up and looked around me. Then I just napped on the bed, because I was frightened. While I was sleeping I heard a scraching. Someone was scratching the wooden cabin. I jumped out of my bed terryfied but I couldn't see anything.

I fell in the bed again for third time on the one hand annoyed and from the other frightened. Suddenly I got up screaming loudly because of the camera flashing. After minutes when I stopped screaming and realised what was happen I saw my friends frightened too trying to take a photograph of me. It took my breath away all these but then we slept together and woke up in the next morning tired.

Formal Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to apply for a place in the 'Big Brother' reality show as advertised in 'The Show' on 19th August.

I believe,i would be the ideal contestant for this show,because i have been watching reality shows on TV for many years.Furthermore i have performed in a singing talent show where i was in the top four.

Moreover,i enjoy solving computer adventure games or playing chess.I also love doing crossword puzzles and i love challenges,too.I am really sociable so i like meeting new people.In addition i am very ambitious and determined,too.That means that i have all the right qualities,so i could manage to win the show.

 I believe i would be a good person to select because i have all the qualities you probably need.You can contact me on 6954460741.I look forward hearing from you.

Yours faithfully, Elena Kalogeraki

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The forgotten post about the forgotten flamingo!!!

Do you remember the flamingo story? Here it is in all its glory!

I have been wondering...

Do you mostly identify with the lonely flamingo or the decisive shell?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It all started last summer when I was with my family and my cousin's family at the beach. I experienced something absolutely incredible.

I was swimming with my cousin, when we decided to take our fishguns and start fishing. We went in different places in order to catch more fish. I decided to go very deep where the big fish were. All of a sudden while I was watching the fish I saw a head of a person. It took my breath away!

I went closer and I realised it was a head of a big doll. I continue fishing. When I looked back I'd hardly see the coast. I panicked. I swam quickly to the shore. Minutes later I got back to the coast and everyone was waiting for me and all of them were, on the one hand, happy that I finally went out of the water safe and, on the other hand, scared.

After all those that happened my mum and my dad were talking to me about that 'for ages'. I think that experience will be unforgettable.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Drawing in the sand

Last summer,in the morning I went with my friends Karlo and Manuel at the beach.There were lots of people in a particular place.

I went to see what was going on.After a lot of minutes waiting to see , I finally saw a man drawing in the sand. It was too weird and unusual.

Firstly he drew a horse which was so wonderful and seemed like a real horse.Secondly, he drew a woman who was stading next to him.Lots of people came, asking him to make a portrait of them.Two hours later, a man who knew about art told him that this new way of art was so fascinating and wonderful that he could show it to other people by having an exhibition in a gallery.But he did not accept the proposal and I could not understand the reason.

In the end, when he finished his work everybody applauded and cheered him. The message that I want to give from my story is that everyone has the ability and the imagination to invent new ways of art.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Last summer, I went camping with my family and my cousin on a marvelous beach.Everything was under control until a friend of us came with his jet-ski...When I saw it i was thrilled, so I immediately asked my parents if I could rent a jet-ski but the answer was negative...So my cousin Lina, who was amazed too, came up with a great idea!!She suggested renting a jet-ski without telling it to our parents...

And so we did..We told our parents that we would go just for a big walk..Lina who was 18 years old,managed to rent one!So our big ride had begun!We were passing through the small waves like the wind...But suddenly our wonderful day ended up into a terrible nightmare!That happened because we were riding so fast that we didn't see the huge rock under the sea.When we crushed onto the rock,we fell in the sea ...The jet-ski went too far but apart from that we lost the key...When we realised that,we swam quickly to get the jet ski.Hours were passing by quickly but we didn't see any boats... We thought that our parents were looking for us...

Suddenly,when all of our hopes had abandoned us,a little boat appeared.The old man that was in it invited us,but we refused to go with a stranger.The man didn't insist and he left.After a long hour another much bigger boat stopped near us and two men insisted to take us without asking us...Then we realised from their tone of voice that they wanted to hurt us but suddenly the man with the small boat that we saw a long hour before appeared just by luck!!!!!The two men were scared and they left quickly..Afterwards,we got on his boat without having any doubts about him...

Eventually,in half an hour we stepped on the land.We went with the old man to the police station because we knew that our parents might be there...When they saw us they started crying and afterwards we narrated our nightmare with the jet-ski...Well, from this story I want to send a message to all the young people: When our parents don't agree with us,they do it because they love us and they are trying to protect us.So we need to understand them sometimes and not to accuse them...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


In this lovely book,Tom sawyer comes along as a boy with a great need for adventure...He is a really naughty child!He always gets into trouble and sometimes,he manages to become very unprepossessing because of his bad behavior.Furthermore,he becomes a great liar in order to avoid an uncomfortable situation!!!Also he shows a really good lover bacause he manages to love him,the girl he loves...!!

I think that you should read this book..And i promise you'll like it and want to read it again and again!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Great Expectations

Great Expectations is a novel by Charles Dickens. The main character of the book is a boy, named Pip.
The story begins on Christmas Eve, when Pip is sitting in the churchyard next to his parents graves. Suddenly a convict who has escaped from the prison, scrounge Pip. The convict threaten him, to bring him food, otherwise he would kill him. So, Pip returns to his house, where he lived with his elder sister and her husband, Joe.The next day Pip steals food from the kitchen and goes to the churchyard again.There he gives the food to the convict and leaves.
The same day, during dinner, soldiers appear in the house and ask for the blacksmith, Joe. They tell Joe to repair their handcuffs as quickly as he can. Then the soldiers leave to find the two convicts who had escaped the day before. Pip and Joe are going with them, and at last they find the two convicts, the one is the man who Pip gave the food that morning and the other one seems to know the first convict very well because they were fighting when the soldiers found them.
As the days passed, a wealth old woman, named Miss Havisham asks Pip's uncle Pumblechook to find a boy and bring it to her home to play. So Pip goes to London to Miss Havisham's house to play.The house was very dark and old. Everything seemed to be stopped in time.Miss Havisham, wears an old wedding dress and she haven't seen the sunlight for about 20 years. She claims that she only wanted Pip to play cards with a girl , named Estella, which she has adopted.
Estella, was very beautiful and proud. As she was playing cards with Pip she always laughed at him and Miss Havisham often asked Pip what he thought about Estella. When Pip left the house he was crying and Estella saw him. Moreover Estella told Pip that she was happy when she saw him crying!
Pip continued visiting Miss Havisham and soon realized he was in love with Estella.However Estella calls Pip a common boy, and Pip cries again. Another time while Pip was leaving Miss Havisham's house he met a boy at the same age with him, who wanted to fight with Pip for Estella.Pip won, and Estella who had seen the fight, let Pip kiss her!
At last, Miss Havisham gives Pip 25 pounds for keeping her company, and tells him he shall never visit her house again. Years passed, and Pip became a blacksmith, although he wished to be a gentleman so he could meet Estella again. And then, Pip meets a lawyer from London who tells him that he has been given a large amount of money by an anonumous benefactor in order to become a gentleman. So Pip believes that his benefactor is Miss Havisham and moves to London.
More years pass, and Pip run into debt while he learns how to become a gentleman. He often visits Miss Havisham and learns from her that Estella is studying in Europe. Then Estella returns and meet Pip.She apologizes from her cruelty however he tells to Pip that he sould not fall in love with her. Pip ignores her words, because he believes that once Miss Havisham is his benefactor, she wants Pip and Estella together.
Then Pip learns that his true benefactor is Abel Magwitch,the convict , who Pip helped once as a boy. Agel Magwitch had escaped from the prison and went to another country where he became extremely wealthy. He never forgot the boy who helped him so he sent some money to him. Now Pip is really unhappy because he understands that Miss Havisham allowed him to believe that she was his benefactor and that she never wanted Pip to marry Estella. She also fears that as Abel Magwitch stays more in the country he might be arrested and hanged. So he plans to leave the country with him.
During all these happened Estella married a noble and old gentleman who Pip disliked very much.Before Pip's escape with Magwitch he visits Miss Havisham one last time. She ask forgiveness from Pip Because she now understands that treating Estella to behave bad at all men and especially Pip, she has created a monster.Then she dies in front of Pip. Pip is very sad and as he returns home he realizes that Magwitch has been arrested. Magwitch tells Pip that he leaves everything to him and dies.
Then Pip comes down with a serious illness. Joe is always beside him and as Pip recovers , Joe leaves and writes a note for Pip. In the note it said that Joe had paid all of Pip's debts and he wishes a good life for him. So Pip leaves overseas with a friend of his were ha does some good business.
After 11 years overseas Pip returns to London as an extremely wealthy gentleman. He visits Joe and meets Estella again. He learns from her that her life was very sad. Her husband had used her with cruelty and that she has changed now. Finally, Pip and Estella are great friends.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oliver Twist

Oliver and Mr Brownlow lived together at Mr Brownlow's house. They had a very good relationship and Mr Brownlow treated him politely and Oliver was having a good time. Mr Brownlow could trust Oliver and he proved it by giving him some money and books to return to the bookshop. 

Mr Brownlow's friend told him that Oliver would take the money and never come back. However, Bill and Nancy planned to take him back because they were afraid that Oliver would tell about the gang to the police. So when they saw him ,on the way to the bookshop, Nancy caught him by pretending to be his sister. They took him back to Fagin's house. 

Days passed and Oliver lived in Fagin's house. Bill and his friend were planning to burgle Mr Brownlow's house and put Oliver into the house from the window in order to unlock the door for them. In spite of the fact that they were threatening him that they would kill him if he shouted, Oliver shouted 'Help! Help!'. Mr Brownlow woke up and tried to help Oliver, but his effort was pointless. Bill shot Oliver to his arm and took him back to Fagin's house.

Fagin looked after Oliver's wound and locked him into a room. Unfortunately Bill was planning to kill him; Fagin, in contrast, didn't want to. To his surprise Nancy was there and heard Bill's plan. She went to Mr Brownlow's house to tell it to him but he wasn't there and she relied on his servant. She told her that she would wait for him at the bridge at midnight and if she wasn't be there, Mr brownlow should come every midnight until she came.

In the evening Nancy was ready to meet Mr Brownlow but Bill didn't let her go out. The next day Nancy met him and told him about Oliver but she was watched by Dodger. Dodger told thet event to Bill and Bill the same evening killed her. After thet everyone hated Bill. What is more Mr Brownlow called the police and they made leaflets which showed Bill and they also mentioned his dog. Bill saw it and tried to kill his dog but it escaped. 

The dog went to a pub and his barking told them to follow it. The dog took them to the house where all the thieves were. The people and the police surrounded the building . With no choices Bill took Oliver and threatened the police that he would kill him if they shot him. While they were trying to pass to the opposite building with a rope, Bill got hanged. 

After all these Mr brownlow adopted Oliver and Fagin was convicted to death by hanging. One day before the police hanged him Oliver met Fagin in prison. Oliver was surprised by Fagin's gesture of giving him his jewellery!


Sunday, April 10, 2011


Oliver had gone through many hardships all these days...But Mr Brownlow treated  him very kindly and affectionately...Well a sunny morning,Mr Brownlow trusted some books and five pounds to Oliver to return them to the bookshop....A friend of Mr Brownlow said to him that Oliver would take the five pounds and would never come back...As Oliver was walking down the street,Bill and Nancy saw him and they found the chance to take him back to Fagin by Nancy pretending to be his sister...They managed to bring Oliver back.

A day passed by without any important event...However Bill was planning with his friend(another thief)to use Oliver to burgle Mr Brownlow's house...The other night they tried to burgle the house,but when Oliver got into the house,he started screaming and shouting"Mr Brownlow help,help".Mr Brownlow heard all those voices and woke up..He stood on the stairs and he tried to get Oliver close to him,  but Bill shot Oliver's arm...And he managed to take him with him!!!!!

After they returned home Fagin took care of him but he was obliged to lock him into a room...It was getting dark and Bill with Fagin were trying to find a plan(although Fagin didn't want to kill Oliver) to kill Oliver because they were afraid that he was going to tell it to the police...By chance,Nancy heard that conversation between Bill and Fagin.The next night she went to Mr Brownlow's house and told to his servant (Mr Brownlow wasn't there) that some people were going to kill Oliver.So she told to his servant to tell Mr Brownlow to meet Nancy to the bridge at 12 o'clock and if she was not there that day,she would come the next night!!!!

Well at night,she was preparing to meet Mr Brownlow but Bill didn't let her..So the next night,he let her but he told Dodger to follow her. It went dark and Nancy went to the bridge...She managed to talk to Mr Brownlow...But she didn't mention Bill's name- only Fagin's.When she returned home,Dodger had already told Bill that she talked...And Bill suddenly killed her by hitting her with a piece of wood..After that move everybody hated him...

The other day,Mr Brownlow led the cops to the house,but they didn't manage to save Oliver because Bill threatened to kill him.But when he tried to pass on to the other side of a building (he was holding Oliver)he got hanged accidentally...!!!In the end,they saved Oliver but Fagin went to jail...Mr Brownlow adopted Oliver...A day before Fagin was hanged,Oliver went to see him in jail...He was completely mad but he remembered Oliver and he gave him his jewellery...Finally the other day Fagin was hanged, as well....

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oliver Twist (Fagin)

Fagin thought that he was alone and Oliver was sleeping.Suddenly,Fagin opened a box with six watches,full of gold, and many jewels.He looked at them with pleasure.Fagin looked up at Oliver face.The Boy's eyes were fixed on Fagin.Fagin knew that Oliver saw what he was doing.Then he took a knife and went to him.Fagin said that the treasure was his.Jack Dockins and Charley Bates came in.Jack had two purses and Charley had four handkerchiefs.They had stolen them.However,the handkerchiefs were marked, so they used a needle to take them out.Fagin played the gentleman he wanted to play a game to teach stealing to Oliver,But Oliver thought that it was only a game.

(Among the thiefs)

Oliver had unmarked the handkerchiefs with the needles.He begged to go out with the other two boys.So, the three boys started.Oliver wondered if they went to work.Jack saw a rich old man.He was wearing glasses of gold and he was reading a book.Jack stole his handkerchief.Oliver started running and understood what happened with the handkerchiefs and the game which Fagin was playing.All the people pursued Oliver and somebody hit him.Jack and Charley ran back to Oliver and they said 'He was a thief'.But an eyewitness said that the thief was not Oliver.The thiefs were the two other children.A carriage came and took Mr Brownlow with Oliver to a rich house....

Dear Sir or Madam,

I agree with you.Traffic is a serious problem and it needs a solution.

People are becoming lasier and lasier and they want to do everything quickly.Nowadays many households have more than two cars,or many people whose jobs are less than five minutes away take their cars.We have so many solutions to reduce traffic and we cannot apply anything.Firstly, we do not have to drive too much.In addition to this, we can also go to work on foot because with all of this traffic it would be quicker to walk.

The whole reason for doing this will be to reduce air and noise pollution.


Dear Sir/Madam

I read your article about traffic.I agree with you absolutely.Traffic is a serious problem which keep busy loads of people.

First of all traffic pollutes the air.Plenty of families have more than two cars.Today people want to do everything rapidly,So they want to go everywhere by car.This creates traffic jams.Despite you everywhere by car you can go on foot faster.

There are sollutions to solve this problem.We can use public transport.Every household can have a car.We can also go to our lessons on foot.

In conclusion we can reduce the traffic.

Yours Faithfully
Dear Sir or Madam,

We are writting to complain about the holiday which we took with your copmany(8th-15th August).

First of all, the brochure claimder that every luxurious appartments had all a fridge.Unfortunately, the fridge was not working.And it was a very big problem because we had to buy some bottles of milk and we did not have a fridge to put them.Also the brochure claimed that Tvs had satellite Tv channels but it did not.It had only two local channels available and it were not in English.In addition, the town centre was minutes by car, not on foot!

We think that your brochure is misleading.As a result we would like a refund of 250€ per person.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Filippidis

Making the library more popular


I will give some recommendations so that the library becomes more popular.So, people will visit the library.

The Library

In the library there are plenty of books.There are desks and chars in a good state but there are not other things that are very important.

What do people want from a library

People want good lighting and they also want best-selling books.The atmosphere must be good to make people feel comfortable.The staff must help with searching for suitable books.


I think the library will be popular place for people! Firstly maybe there are best-selling books and good books.Secondly the staff must help people that need it.Finally the atmosphere must be quiet and the lighting must be bright,too.

Watching television is a waste of time

People of all ages watch television.There are loads of channels to see which programme is the best for you.

In my opinion there are advantages and disadvantages about TV.
Some of the advantages are that it can be entertaining and sometimes educational.Finally there are some good films that they help you to understand things about your real life.

Despite this, there are disavantages,too.There are films that include violence and do not give anything to you.If you watch a lot TV,you may become a couch potato.

In conclusion i believe that some programmes on TV are interesting and important however there are programmes that are a complete waste of time

Monday, April 4, 2011

Indian basketball

There are many strange sports in the world. One of them is Indian basketball, which has been played since 1920. Nowadays, this sport is played in many countries around Asia.

Some years ago I went to India and there I saw this sport for the first time. I played it a couple of times then. Although my team lost, I had a good time.

Indian basketball is a very difficult sport because you must run all the time. Also, this sport has many rules. One other problem is that there aren't any fouls.

I'm sure that Indian basketball becomes more and more popular in America and in Europe.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oliver Twist

Oliver was sleeping. Fagin assured that Oliver was sleeping and he placed a box on the table. He took of it a gold watch, jewels and rings. Oliver's eyes were fixed on Fagin's. Fagin saw him and unfortunately shut the door and shouted to Oliver, threatening him.

Oliver said that he had just woken up but Fagin didn't listen to him. Suddenly Jack Dawkins came with Charley Bates. They had stolen purses and marked handkerchiefs. Oliver had to take out the marks with a needle. Then Fagin pretended to be a gentleman by wearing a suit, holding a stick and other jewels that were of great worth and he was watching at the shop windows with the fear of thieves.

The children tried to take the things that Fagin had in his pockets, without him feeling it. That was the game with which Fagin taught the kids how to steal. Oliver thought that it was just a game but he understood it when Jack and the other kids stole a handkerchief from an old man. The children started running away but Oliver was terrified from this event.

Without knowing what he had to do, he started running. Unfortunately the old man called Brownlow saw him and started shouting 'stop thief' while he was chasing Oliver. Afterwards someone hit him and caught him. Luckily there was a witness, the manager of the shop, and told the police officer and Mr Brownlow that two other children had stolen the handkerchief. He was simply unlucky! Finally Oliver fainted and Mr Brownlow took him with him in his carriage..

Oliver Twist ( Unit 5 and 6 )

FAGIN ....!!!

Old Fagin and Oliver were in the room. Fagin thought that Oliver was sleeping but Oliver was awake.Then, Fagin locked the door and pulled out a box from a secret hole on the floor.He placed it on the table .The box had six gold watches with jewels and rings .Suddenly, Fagin looked at Oliver. The boy's eyes was nailed on him and he shut the box and got near Oliver with a knife .

Fagin asked Oliver what he had seen and Oliver said that he had seen everything ! Next , Fagin told that he would live on these jewels when he was older. Then , came another thief called Charly Bates. Charley gave to Fagin purses and then came children and gave Fagin four handkerchiefs. 

Then , Charley told that the handkerchief were good but there were marked .Fagin showed to Oliver how to take them out with a needle. After that Fagin told them to play a game . Fagin took his jewellery and took them in his pockets. Then , he walked in the room with a stick as a gentleman. The children had to push him and took all the jewellery .But if he felt their hands the game started again. 

When Oliver saw the children trying to take the gold he started crying from the great laugh . Then Fagin told Oliver to play .Fagin put a handkerchief in his pocket . Oliver managed to get the handkerchief without Fagin feeling his hands in his pocket . Then Fagin said to Oliver that he was a good thief .Oliver believed that Fagin knew better because he was older.


After all, Oliver wanted fresh air. So he went to Fagin and begged him to allowed him to go out. Fagin said to Oliver to leave and help the other children with their work .Suddenly the children came close to an old rich man who was reading a book. The children pushed him and took his handkerchief.At once , Oliver understood that Fagin's game wasn't a simple game.After the children and Oliver started running.

Mr Brownlow was the old man that the children had robbed.Mr Brownlow saw only Oliver running and shouted "thief, stop thief ". The people who were around started to pursue him. A man got near Oliver and hit him on the face.Then a policeman arrived to capture him. Suddenly the owner of the bookshop came near.He told he had seen what happened.Mr Brownlow didn't get angry with Oliver and took him to his home to live together.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oliver Twist ( Chapter 5 &6)

' Fagin'

Next morning, there was nobody in the room except Fagin (the old man) and Oliver. As Fagin thought that Oliver hadn't woken up yet , he drew out a box from a secret hole in the floor and he placed it on the table. Then he took out a golden watch and some jewels, which he looked with pleasure. 

Suddenly, Fagin looked at Oliver who was staring at him. He shut the box and ran to Oliver.He threatened Oliver and Oliver apologized and said that he had just woken up.Fagin told Oliver that all the treasure he saw was his and that it was the only thing he had to live on for the rest of his life.

After that , Jack came in with another boy, called Charley Bates. Jack got two purses and Charley four handkerchiefs. Fagin said that the purses weren't so heavy and that the handkerchiefs were marked ( had names on them ) so they needed to be taken out with a needle. He also said that he would teach Oliver how to do that.

After breakfast, Fagin placed expensive things in his pockets and he took a stick with him. Then he started walking up and down the room while Jack and Charlie were trying to take the things from his pockets without Fagin to understand it .If Fagin understood that somebody had taken the things from his pockets, this 'game' would start again. While, they were playing this game , two ladies Bet and Nancy came in and Jack and Charlie went out with them. Fagin asked Oliver to try to take out his handkerchief. Oliver tried and Fagin didn't feel anything. Fagin was impressed; however, Oliver hadn't understood exactly the 'game'.

'Oliver among the thieves'

For the next days Oliver stayed in and he was taking the marks off the handkerchiefs and he was also playing the 'game'. Then Oliver missed the fresh air and begged Fagin to let him go out with the other boys. At first Fagin said 'no' but then at last he let Oliver go out with the others.

So, the three boys ( Oliver, Jack and Charlie ) went out . They were walking slowly and suddenly they stopped walking. Jack had seen a man outside the bookshop who was reading a book and he said that this man would be perfect for the 'job'. The boys went closer to him and Jack got a handkerchief out of the man's pocket. Then straightaway , Jack and Charlie began to run while Oliver stood still without understanding what had happened. When at last Oliver understood everything he began to run too but the man had already seen Oliver running and shouted ' Stop thief ' . At the sound of these words some people began to run after Oliver.Even Jack and Charlie ran after Oliver!

Finally, Oliver fell down because he couldn't run any more and Mr Brownlow ( the man whose handkerchief was stolen by Jack and Charlie) said to the policeman who had just arrived not to hit Oliver. Oliver said that he wasn't the one who stole the handkerchief. Also the man who owned the bookshop said that Oliver wasn't lying.He also said that there were two other boys who stole the handkerchief and that Oliver was just watching them.

Then when they set Oliver free he almost fainted and Mr Brownlow called a carriage. He put Oliver inside the carriage and he sat beside him. The carriage finally stopped in front of a pleasant house and Mr Brownlow took Oliver inside a bedroom, where he placed Oliver in the bed and let him sleep.



Fagin got in to Oliver's room.After he assured that Oliver was sleeping,Fagin drew out a box from a secret hole in the floor which was covered by a small carpet.When he opened it, he started taking out:6 old watches full of jewels,rings and other splendid jewels...Suddenly he heard a noise and looked at Oliver.The poor boy had fixed his eyes on him.Fagin threatened Oliver and asked him if he had seen something.The boy told him that he had just woken up...

Hours passed by and in the afternoon Jack Dawkins returned to the house with Charlie Bates ,another thief.Fagin asked Jack what he had stolen.The boy took out of his pockets two purses and the other boy four marked handkerchiefs.They took out the marks with a needle.

After a while Fagin pretended to be a gentleman by wearing treasures , holding a stick and looking at the shop windows with fear of thieves!Jack pushed Fagin and took everything he had in his pockets.That was the GAME as Fagin used to call it.A few minutes later two girls appeared in the house.Their names were Nancy and Bet.Fagin suggested Oliver to try to take a handkerchief from Fagin's pocket without feeling it.But Oliver still was thinking that they were playing just a pure game!


After playing this game,Oiver begged Fagin to let him go out.Oliver followed Jack and the others. Suddenly Jack took a handkerchief from an old man who had white hair and glasses and he was carrying a stick. Then,Oliver understood that they weren't playing just a game. Oliver started running but when the others saw Oliver running they shouted 'stop thief'.Somebody managed to hit Oliver and he had blood on his little face!The officer said Oliver to stand up with a hard voice but the old man felt sorry for Oliver.Mr Brownlow the old man,knew that another boy stole his handkerchief, since there were eye witnesses, too.After that, Oliver fainted and Mr Brownlow took him with him by carriage..

Friday, March 18, 2011

Rabbit jumping show

I knew rabbits could jump, but I would have never suspected anyone would have turned it into a sport.This sport was invented in Sweden in the 1970's.Rabbits have jumped up to 1 meter high and others have jumped more than 3 metres in distance.

Nowadays this sport has disappeared.Last month I came across a video and I saw how this sport is. I believe that it's really exciting and unusual.But I love animals,so I don't want to use them only to be famous.In this video I saw a bizarre rabbit,very big which jumped more than 3 metres.He is the most famous rabbit in this sport and everybody knows about it.

However,there are some problems with this sport.Lots of animals have been injured and people weren't interested in this sport, so it disappeared. But this is not the only reason that this sport disappeared. Animal lovers who care about animals complained because they believe that this is no good for rabbits.Also bunnies nees a lot of time and patience to train so that was difficult.

I don't believe that this sport would appear in the future because people are sensitive about animals and they wouldn't let them do this sport again.

Click here to see the sport:

Friday, March 11, 2011

Letter of complaint

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are writing to complain about your hotel where we spent our holiday.

First of all,in your brochure you mentioned that all the apartments had fridges.The problem was that the fridge was not working,so we could not drink cold water and it was too hot.Moreover,the brochure claimed that there was a TV with satellite TV channels, but only two local channels were available and unfortunately they were not in English.

In addition the brochure mentioned that the hotel was some metres from the beach, but the beach was not suitable for swimming because it was too filthy.Last but not least the brochure claimed that the hotel was only some minutes from the town centre, but you did not mention that it was some minutes away by car.

We think it is clear that your brochure was misleading.As a result, we would like a partial refund because these was the worst holiday that we had ever had.

We look forward to receiving a propmt reply.

Yours faithfully,
Kalogerakis Family

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oliver Twist

Oliver had left from Soweberry's house.He wanted to go to London, but it was seventy miles away.He walked twenty miles the first day.He didn't eat and he slept in the field that night.He was weak.Fortunately, an old woman gave him cheese and bread.After two days, he went to Barnet.He met a child whose name was Jack Dawkins.His behaviour was like a man's.Jack Dawkins gave him food and bed without paying.They went in an inn.There was an old man called Fagin.He wore dirty clothes.He divided his attention between the food and some silver handkerchiefs.There were four to five boys that were smoking, too.

White Fang The Book

White Fang lives with the Indians on the Mackenzie River. They try to teach him how to look after himself and to fight hard. Then, Beauty Smith bought him and used him for dog fights.White fang lost one of these fights . He was saved from death by Weedon Scott who used kindness to treat the animals, rather the stick, and the White Fang loved him and made Weedon as a new boss for him. When Scott had to leave the Klondike for California , White Fang learned a new way of life and even saved his new family from some bad for them situations. He found happiness, too, when his own cubs were born.

I have learnt from this book how a Dog-wolf can come too close to his boss and how the master can attract them when he wants to use the animal or to torture it. In my view, I love dogs and I believe that the dogs or wolves can be your best friend. You can tell them all of your secrets and you can rely on them without fear.

I suggest you read this book in order to learn how a dog-wolf behaves when it is treated badly and how it behaves when it is treated well by his boss. Generally, you'll understand that both dogs and humans have got a brain and understand all the situations and basically that dogs have got a soul as humans have.

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre lost his parents when she was young, so her uncle took her with him to take care of her.
He had a good relationship with her, but his wife did not.He was unkind.Also, her cousin terrorised her so her uncle decided to put her in a school for poor and orphan children.

This school wasn't very good and the headmaster was bad to her and always told her that she was a liar.When she grew up, she became a teacher, but then she left school and went to a big house working as a governess to take care of a girl.Then, she came across the girl's dad and she fell in love with him. She enjoyed his company, spending many evening hours talking with him and learning about the things he had seen in his travels.

But something strange always happened at night.Jane went to her cousin Eliza helping her with the housework before Eliza become a nun.When she returned, she and her boss agreed to get married, but a strange woman went into her room one night and ripped her wedding veil in two.When they got married, a lawyer burst in and declared that Mr. Rochester cannot marry because he is already married to Mr. Mason's sister.

So he explained that his wife was a violent madwoman and he asked Jane to go with him to the south of France and live as husband and wife, even though they cannot be married. Refusing to go against her principles, and despite her love for him, Jane left Thornfield in the middle of the night and travelled to the north of England by coach, using the little money she had saved. She fainted on the doorstep, speaking aloud as she made herself ready for death, but was saved by St John Rivers, a young clergyman, and brother to Diana and Mary and they found her a teaching position at a nearby charity school.

Then, the sisters left but St John discovered Jane's true identity. John died and left her his entire fortune of £20,000 and St John astounded her by showing her a letter stating that John is also her and her sisters' uncle.Jane was so happy. St John asked Jane to accompany him to India as his wife.However, at that very moment, she suddenly felt Mr. Rochester calling her name. The next morning, she left for Thornfield to ascertain Mr. Rochester's well-being.

Jane arrives at Thornfield to find only blackened ruins. She learns that Rochester's wife set the house on fire and committed suicide by jumping from the roof. In his rescue attempts, Mr. Rochester lost a hand and his eyesight. Jane reunites with him, but he fears that she will be repulsed by his condition. When Jane assures him of her love and tells him that she will never leave him, Mr. Rochester again proposes. He eventually recovers enough sight to see their first-born son.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Promise

Pedro Moreira lived in Bahia with his wife Maria.They lived in a hut on a hillside.The hill was called Gloria.The hut had only one small room which was almost empty.There was only a table,a broken chair and a mattress.One day Pedro was sitting on the ground outside his hut and he was looking unhappy because his wife was going to have a baby.They had three other children before, but they had all died.Pedro wanted a son,but he was afraid because they didn't have food to give for a new baby.They had no money.After some days Maria gave birth to the baby.

An old Negress put the baby in the arms of Pedro and she told to him that the boy would live and one day the baby would be well known all over the world and he would give happiness to many people.Pedro looked at the old Negress in a strange way, but he believed her. 'He will become a rich man and he will help poor people like us', continued the old Negress. 'Be a good father to the boy', she said to Pedro.'One day, he will be a good son to you.' That was the old Negress' Promise.

Pedro and Maria always remembered the words of the old woman. Their child was called Paulo.Pedro could not find a job.Sometimes he found one for a few days.He worked as a porter or washed dishes in a restaurant.Maria made little money,she washed and mended clothes.They were always hungry,the food was expensive and they had not money to buy it.Paulo stayed inside the hut and after three years he could go outside to play with the other children.His leds and his arms were very thin and the other children called him Paulito.One day Pedro went home running and shouted.He found a job as a bus driver in a bus company and he worked twelve hours a day.Now they would have enough money to buy food.

Paulito loved football and he played all day. He would like to be a footballer.One day when Pedro came home,he had two girls with him,Paulito's cousins,Fernanda and Odete. They lived with their parents in another town but their parents had died in a house fire, so the girls had to live with them.Fernanda was at the same age as Paulito; they were nine years old.She was very pretty and she walked proudly. Obete was two years younger.She was pretty too,but very shy.

A few years later, Paulito was a very good player and he played in Corinthians. Paulito played on the right wing because he could run very fast.Paulito could dodge even more cleverly and his opponents were not able to catch him. Many people went to see him in Corinthians.Every day he was better and better, so one day he became a famous footballer.

The words of the old Negress came true.Their parents and his cousins were very glad for him. Afterwards, he became ambitious and he had many offers.His dream was to play in Brazil.One day the manager and his coach of his team told him some bad news that he may could not play football again.The cause was the fact that he didn't drink milk when he was young and his bones were very sensitive and he got injured very easily.He stayed in the hospital for three months for the operation.

After eight weeks his legs were stronger than before.But he was not as fast as before.At first Paulito played badly and he wasn't good.He thought that he could not play well again and he went to a bar and saw the matches and drank beer with the fans.Paulito  wanted to give up.His coach didn't let him to do that and they tried to change his mind.And they did it.He went in Tonoko's gymnasium and he trained his legs hard.

Finally, there was a great day for Paulito. They called him in order to go to play in a very important match: Brazil vs Europe.He played very well and all the people loved him and he was proud for himself. Also, he got married to Obete and they had many children and they lived all together happily.