Friday, February 25, 2011

Watching television is a complete waste of time

Everyone, adults and teenagers spend a lot of time watching television every day.There are many different types of programmes and people think that it is entertaining,  but other people think that it is a waste of time.

In my opinion,there are very good reasons to watch TV.Firstly, it can be entertaining.You can learn the news from all over the world or sometimes it is educational and informative. Sometimes it can be relaxing, for example when you are alone it is a good way to feel better and forget your problems.

On the other hand, sometimes television can be a waste of time. For instance, sometimes programmes have too much gossip and it can become boring and there are so many advertisements, so this is tiring.Other programmes are of bad quality and contain violence.Finally, you can have health problems, since it can cause eye strain or you can become a coach potato.

In conclusion,I believe that some programmes on TV are very interesting and informative.However, other programmes can be a waste of time and, as they do not contain anything useful, they could be thought of as a bad influence, especially on young people.


  1. What an unexpected post! Well done, Izoldi!

  2. It all depends on the kinds of shows you watch.

  3. useful post i should rather say