Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hi Graig
My name is Izoldy , I'm 15 years old and I'm in high school .

I live on an island in Greece,Crete.My neighbourhood is calledChrisostomu.I live with my parents and my sister.My neighborhood has a park, a big supermarket and a library.

In my spare time I sometimes listen to music.My favourite kind of music is rock and my favourite band is Ac/dc.I also love meet my friends and go to the cinema or go shopping.

The reason that I want to a pen friend is that I like to have new friends and I think that when I write someone is very good for me to tell them my problems.

I want to meet you one day.And be friends.
Best wishes

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


   Learning a foreign language is important. However learning all of the vocabulary is very difficult.
   Firstly make up your own sentences using the new words,note down new words in your vocabulary notebook and then  through your vocabulary book regularly looking at the words you have written down.
   Secondly you must read English magazines and watch English speaking films with English subtitles.
    Conclusion,learning a foreign language is the most difficult.In my opinion you must play English games and read the instructions in English.


   At my school we have done a project about recycling.Al the children threw away paper,glass and plastic. After we'd finished the project on the environment at school,i knew i had to start recycling.                                    
   I decided to recycling because we have the energy so it is important to recycle.
   It's difficult to understand what you can and can't recycle.There aren't enough recycling bins so i and teacher from school we decided to buy some recycling bins.
   In my school all the children and teachers are now recycling.I'm pleased that i had done it.
     My name's Babis ,i'm a 15 year old student and i'm from Iraklio, the capital of Crete.
    I live with my parents, two big brothers names are George and Manos, and a small sister in the Mastabas area of Iraklio. in my neghbourhood there are many parks, shops and schools, but there aren't any cinemas or internet cafes. The city centre is 15 minutes walk from my neighborhood.
    In my share time there many things that i can do (like playing basketball or football, reading comics or playing the guitar) buy i prefer to listen to pop music on my phone. my favorite pop singer is Mixalis Xatzigiannis because he has got a good voice. Also,i go to the cafes, because i can meet with my friends.
   I want a pen friend , because i would like to know some things about music and football in your country.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


amusing, confident, honest, outgoing, responsible, bad-tempered, encourage, independent personality, selfish
behave, generous, naughty, rely on, shy

Monday, October 4, 2010

Putting on a concert

    Do you want something fun to do in the evening? You can play with your friends in the school concert. It's great fun. 
    First you have to decide what you want people to do. you can be a singer or a dancer. If you want to be a singer for example you can write your own song. You must decide who has each part.                    
    I must tell you that i am directing the show so that means i'm in control. We must do many rehearsales because we have many songs and we must remember them. We must find the instruments for the singers and the costumes for the dancers too.  
    you can invite your friends or your family . It will be in oyr school. Have fyn and good luck.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Murrain Night!

One very spooky Halloween, a little boy and his friends went out for a fun night of trick-or-treating.Little did they know , it would be a night they would never forget.
       At first everything was fine!They were getting lots of candy as they went from house to house.They passed other trick-or-treaters along the way.They saw funny costummes and scary costumes.They were having a fun time.
        But then, a huge shadow made them stop laughing and walking memly.They froze for a moment because a strange thought crossed their mind."The spirit of Oliver Jones".This man was a murderer and one day, he went to the big precipt river of the city.He was wanted for commiting another crime, but he suddenly slipped and he gasped for breath.According to the myth, his spirit comes on the earth again every Halloween and he kills children.The little boy and his friends ran away to escape, but it was too late.Oliver Jone's spirit was ready to kill those those children and nobody could stop it.He picked up the little boy and he strangle it....
         The other kids where very lucky.But the poor little had a very slow death.I wish I could help this boy to escape.....But, everything is over now!