Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oliver Twist

Oliver and Mr Brownlow lived together at Mr Brownlow's house. They had a very good relationship and Mr Brownlow treated him politely and Oliver was having a good time. Mr Brownlow could trust Oliver and he proved it by giving him some money and books to return to the bookshop. 

Mr Brownlow's friend told him that Oliver would take the money and never come back. However, Bill and Nancy planned to take him back because they were afraid that Oliver would tell about the gang to the police. So when they saw him ,on the way to the bookshop, Nancy caught him by pretending to be his sister. They took him back to Fagin's house. 

Days passed and Oliver lived in Fagin's house. Bill and his friend were planning to burgle Mr Brownlow's house and put Oliver into the house from the window in order to unlock the door for them. In spite of the fact that they were threatening him that they would kill him if he shouted, Oliver shouted 'Help! Help!'. Mr Brownlow woke up and tried to help Oliver, but his effort was pointless. Bill shot Oliver to his arm and took him back to Fagin's house.

Fagin looked after Oliver's wound and locked him into a room. Unfortunately Bill was planning to kill him; Fagin, in contrast, didn't want to. To his surprise Nancy was there and heard Bill's plan. She went to Mr Brownlow's house to tell it to him but he wasn't there and she relied on his servant. She told her that she would wait for him at the bridge at midnight and if she wasn't be there, Mr brownlow should come every midnight until she came.

In the evening Nancy was ready to meet Mr Brownlow but Bill didn't let her go out. The next day Nancy met him and told him about Oliver but she was watched by Dodger. Dodger told thet event to Bill and Bill the same evening killed her. After thet everyone hated Bill. What is more Mr Brownlow called the police and they made leaflets which showed Bill and they also mentioned his dog. Bill saw it and tried to kill his dog but it escaped. 

The dog went to a pub and his barking told them to follow it. The dog took them to the house where all the thieves were. The people and the police surrounded the building . With no choices Bill took Oliver and threatened the police that he would kill him if they shot him. While they were trying to pass to the opposite building with a rope, Bill got hanged. 

After all these Mr brownlow adopted Oliver and Fagin was convicted to death by hanging. One day before the police hanged him Oliver met Fagin in prison. Oliver was surprised by Fagin's gesture of giving him his jewellery!


Sunday, April 10, 2011


Oliver had gone through many hardships all these days...But Mr Brownlow treated  him very kindly and affectionately...Well a sunny morning,Mr Brownlow trusted some books and five pounds to Oliver to return them to the bookshop....A friend of Mr Brownlow said to him that Oliver would take the five pounds and would never come back...As Oliver was walking down the street,Bill and Nancy saw him and they found the chance to take him back to Fagin by Nancy pretending to be his sister...They managed to bring Oliver back.

A day passed by without any important event...However Bill was planning with his friend(another thief)to use Oliver to burgle Mr Brownlow's house...The other night they tried to burgle the house,but when Oliver got into the house,he started screaming and shouting"Mr Brownlow help,help".Mr Brownlow heard all those voices and woke up..He stood on the stairs and he tried to get Oliver close to him,  but Bill shot Oliver's arm...And he managed to take him with him!!!!!

After they returned home Fagin took care of him but he was obliged to lock him into a room...It was getting dark and Bill with Fagin were trying to find a plan(although Fagin didn't want to kill Oliver) to kill Oliver because they were afraid that he was going to tell it to the police...By chance,Nancy heard that conversation between Bill and Fagin.The next night she went to Mr Brownlow's house and told to his servant (Mr Brownlow wasn't there) that some people were going to kill Oliver.So she told to his servant to tell Mr Brownlow to meet Nancy to the bridge at 12 o'clock and if she was not there that day,she would come the next night!!!!

Well at night,she was preparing to meet Mr Brownlow but Bill didn't let her..So the next night,he let her but he told Dodger to follow her. It went dark and Nancy went to the bridge...She managed to talk to Mr Brownlow...But she didn't mention Bill's name- only Fagin's.When she returned home,Dodger had already told Bill that she talked...And Bill suddenly killed her by hitting her with a piece of wood..After that move everybody hated him...

The other day,Mr Brownlow led the cops to the house,but they didn't manage to save Oliver because Bill threatened to kill him.But when he tried to pass on to the other side of a building (he was holding Oliver)he got hanged accidentally...!!!In the end,they saved Oliver but Fagin went to jail...Mr Brownlow adopted Oliver...A day before Fagin was hanged,Oliver went to see him in jail...He was completely mad but he remembered Oliver and he gave him his jewellery...Finally the other day Fagin was hanged, as well....

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oliver Twist (Fagin)

Fagin thought that he was alone and Oliver was sleeping.Suddenly,Fagin opened a box with six watches,full of gold, and many jewels.He looked at them with pleasure.Fagin looked up at Oliver face.The Boy's eyes were fixed on Fagin.Fagin knew that Oliver saw what he was doing.Then he took a knife and went to him.Fagin said that the treasure was his.Jack Dockins and Charley Bates came in.Jack had two purses and Charley had four handkerchiefs.They had stolen them.However,the handkerchiefs were marked, so they used a needle to take them out.Fagin played the gentleman he wanted to play a game to teach stealing to Oliver,But Oliver thought that it was only a game.

(Among the thiefs)

Oliver had unmarked the handkerchiefs with the needles.He begged to go out with the other two boys.So, the three boys started.Oliver wondered if they went to work.Jack saw a rich old man.He was wearing glasses of gold and he was reading a book.Jack stole his handkerchief.Oliver started running and understood what happened with the handkerchiefs and the game which Fagin was playing.All the people pursued Oliver and somebody hit him.Jack and Charley ran back to Oliver and they said 'He was a thief'.But an eyewitness said that the thief was not Oliver.The thiefs were the two other children.A carriage came and took Mr Brownlow with Oliver to a rich house....

Dear Sir or Madam,

I agree with you.Traffic is a serious problem and it needs a solution.

People are becoming lasier and lasier and they want to do everything quickly.Nowadays many households have more than two cars,or many people whose jobs are less than five minutes away take their cars.We have so many solutions to reduce traffic and we cannot apply anything.Firstly, we do not have to drive too much.In addition to this, we can also go to work on foot because with all of this traffic it would be quicker to walk.

The whole reason for doing this will be to reduce air and noise pollution.


Dear Sir/Madam

I read your article about traffic.I agree with you absolutely.Traffic is a serious problem which keep busy loads of people.

First of all traffic pollutes the air.Plenty of families have more than two cars.Today people want to do everything rapidly,So they want to go everywhere by car.This creates traffic jams.Despite you everywhere by car you can go on foot faster.

There are sollutions to solve this problem.We can use public transport.Every household can have a car.We can also go to our lessons on foot.

In conclusion we can reduce the traffic.

Yours Faithfully
Dear Sir or Madam,

We are writting to complain about the holiday which we took with your copmany(8th-15th August).

First of all, the brochure claimder that every luxurious appartments had all a fridge.Unfortunately, the fridge was not working.And it was a very big problem because we had to buy some bottles of milk and we did not have a fridge to put them.Also the brochure claimed that Tvs had satellite Tv channels but it did not.It had only two local channels available and it were not in English.In addition, the town centre was minutes by car, not on foot!

We think that your brochure is misleading.As a result we would like a refund of 250€ per person.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Filippidis

Making the library more popular


I will give some recommendations so that the library becomes more popular.So, people will visit the library.

The Library

In the library there are plenty of books.There are desks and chars in a good state but there are not other things that are very important.

What do people want from a library

People want good lighting and they also want best-selling books.The atmosphere must be good to make people feel comfortable.The staff must help with searching for suitable books.


I think the library will be popular place for people! Firstly maybe there are best-selling books and good books.Secondly the staff must help people that need it.Finally the atmosphere must be quiet and the lighting must be bright,too.

Watching television is a waste of time

People of all ages watch television.There are loads of channels to see which programme is the best for you.

In my opinion there are advantages and disadvantages about TV.
Some of the advantages are that it can be entertaining and sometimes educational.Finally there are some good films that they help you to understand things about your real life.

Despite this, there are disavantages,too.There are films that include violence and do not give anything to you.If you watch a lot TV,you may become a couch potato.

In conclusion i believe that some programmes on TV are interesting and important however there are programmes that are a complete waste of time

Monday, April 4, 2011

Indian basketball

There are many strange sports in the world. One of them is Indian basketball, which has been played since 1920. Nowadays, this sport is played in many countries around Asia.

Some years ago I went to India and there I saw this sport for the first time. I played it a couple of times then. Although my team lost, I had a good time.

Indian basketball is a very difficult sport because you must run all the time. Also, this sport has many rules. One other problem is that there aren't any fouls.

I'm sure that Indian basketball becomes more and more popular in America and in Europe.