Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mission... possible!

Don't be afraid, it is a very easy one! It's about labeling your posts so as for them to be easily found by your readers! Labels, such as vocabulary calendars, word lists, stories, articles or personal thoughts, could help a lot in the organization of the blog. I would also be able to publicize your work more effectively! 

How can you label a post? Next to the box where you key in your text, there is a set of options (in the right-hand corner of your screen). After you complete your text, you click on the word 'labels' and then you type the name of the category you want your post to fall into. There are also labels already used whose name will automatically appear once you start typing it. 

Time to carry out the mission: label your posts (at least the most important ones!). Let's see who is up to the test! 

P.S. I have used the label 'missions' for the current post. Can you see where it is? Aren't labels lovely? :-)  

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