Tuesday, October 18, 2011


There are lots of sights to visit like:The Eiffel Tower that is a national landmark and it is 1,050 feet tall.From there you can marvel all Paris.!Another sight is Louvre that is one of the world's best known art gallesies . The Louvre contains many priceless works,including the Mona Liza,the Winged Victory of Samothrance and the Venous de Milous.The Cathedral of Northen Dame is the largest church in France .The Arc de Thriomphe is a neoclassical architecture.It is located in the central Paris .

About the transport options there are metro, TVG (high speed train service) , bus and taxi.(http://www.scenic-france-touring-tips.com/)

The most famous and luxury hotels are: Hotel Lutetia(http://www.agoda.gr/), Grand hotel Royal, hotel Concorde Montparnasse (http://www.agoda.gr/), hotel Ritz(http://www.ritzparis.com/) e.t.c...!

In Paris , there are lots of restaurants and fast food restaurants, to taste all the french flavor. Although the food is delicious , sometimes it is unhealthy.

In my opinion the city of light(Paris) is the best destination for everyone!

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  1. Chryssanthi, what a wonderful post! I love Paris myself a lot! In a few years' time, I am sure you will be able to travel there and enjoy the beauty of the city!