Tuesday, October 18, 2011


London is a place that everyone want to visit because there are loads of sights to visit. The hotels are brilliant.Although the weather is not too good you can always do plenty things!
There are too many sights and places to visit.First of all the Big Ben.It is a wonderful tower with a huge clock in the top.Secondly you can also visit two fantastic museums Science museum and British museum.Science museum is amazing!There is the first spacecraft that went to the moon!There are a lot of other things that they are too interesting.British museum have ancients things from egypt and greece.Thirdly you must visit backingham palace and you can see 'Changing the guards.London Bridge is a famous places that it has history!After that you can visit a lot of places such as chinatown,London eye,Madame Tussauds and the magnificent town of universities Cambridge.There you can do panting,too.Finally you can go to Hide park.It is a huge park where you can play a lot of games like football.In the middle of the park there is a fantastic lake.
In London the easiest way to go everywhere is metro,train and on foot.There are loads of hotels to stay like Phoenix hotel that is a nice hotel with good staff.The rooms are comfortable.The hotel offer breakfast that is fantastic.There is whatever you want to eat in this breakfast.Lunch and dinner you can eat in some restaurants in this region.Like Burger Kings,Pizza Hut and there are some greek restaurants,too.The food in london is not too healthy but it is delicious!

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  1. Hercules, you still remember your visit there! Great post- you make us all want to pay another visit!