Tuesday, October 12, 2010

     My name's Babis ,i'm a 15 year old student and i'm from Iraklio, the capital of Crete.
    I live with my parents, two big brothers names are George and Manos, and a small sister in the Mastabas area of Iraklio. in my neghbourhood there are many parks, shops and schools, but there aren't any cinemas or internet cafes. The city centre is 15 minutes walk from my neighborhood.
    In my share time there many things that i can do (like playing basketball or football, reading comics or playing the guitar) buy i prefer to listen to pop music on my phone. my favorite pop singer is Mixalis Xatzigiannis because he has got a good voice. Also,i go to the cafes, because i can meet with my friends.
   I want a pen friend , because i would like to know some things about music and football in your country.

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  1. Fantastic work Babi! You published so many texts- I am sure Katerina has done part of the work, eh? You've certainly become real bloggers! :)