Saturday, December 4, 2010


The German group Tokyo Hotel gave a concert in my town last Saturday.The concert was at the "Pagritio stadioum"at 8 o'clock.When i arrived there was a capacity crowed but fortunately as seats were not taken!!!

Right from the begining the atmosphere was electric.Their songs were awsome.For example when they were singing their hit"Don't Jump"everybody was dancing.But when they were singing quieter songs,everybody was crying and waving the lighters....The lights were fantastic.Every time the drummer played the lights changed different colours.

However,there were some bad points about the concert!Some silly men were throwing plastic bottles in the air and a women got hurt.Another disadantage was that the guitar player lost the rhythm and finally they ended up not playing that song!!!!!!

If we makean exeption of these problemes,overall the concert was apsoloutely fabulous.If you like Tokyo Hotel,i would recommend you to go to one of their concerts and admire them.

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