Friday, December 17, 2010

Oliver Twist (By Charles Dickens)

Oliver Twist was born in a work-house.Work-houses were buildings for people who had no job and were lazy.The local gouverment provided accomodation there with beds and food.But this place was uncomfortable, unfriendly, dirty and the food was little.The whole point was to make poor and lazy people to find jobs.His mother was pregnant from an unknown guy, so she left her house to avoid the humiliation.But unfortunately she died on the birth.So Oliver was an orphan and all alone.He started working from the age of 9.The only thing that he was eating every day was tasteless soup and only on Sundays a little bread.He couldn't eat more than one plate of soup and the plate was never washed!One day, Oliver asked gently for a little more soup.Then Mr Bumble (an officer) shut him in a dark room for a week!And every day, Mr Bumble was hitting him with a bat.Mr Bumble wrote a note and put it on the noticeboard.The note was saying:Everybody who will take Oliver Twist away from the work-house, will be rewarded with 5 pounds.Oliver was crying all day and couldn't sleep at nights.He was starving and he was wearing rugs.One day Mr Sowberry (a person who made coffins for dead peopla from tha work-house) came....

Here you can learn some things about Charles Dickens

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