Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oliver Twist (Fagin)

Fagin thought that he was alone and Oliver was sleeping.Suddenly,Fagin opened a box with six watches,full of gold, and many jewels.He looked at them with pleasure.Fagin looked up at Oliver face.The Boy's eyes were fixed on Fagin.Fagin knew that Oliver saw what he was doing.Then he took a knife and went to him.Fagin said that the treasure was his.Jack Dockins and Charley Bates came in.Jack had two purses and Charley had four handkerchiefs.They had stolen them.However,the handkerchiefs were marked, so they used a needle to take them out.Fagin played the gentleman he wanted to play a game to teach stealing to Oliver,But Oliver thought that it was only a game.

(Among the thiefs)

Oliver had unmarked the handkerchiefs with the needles.He begged to go out with the other two boys.So, the three boys started.Oliver wondered if they went to work.Jack saw a rich old man.He was wearing glasses of gold and he was reading a book.Jack stole his handkerchief.Oliver started running and understood what happened with the handkerchiefs and the game which Fagin was playing.All the people pursued Oliver and somebody hit him.Jack and Charley ran back to Oliver and they said 'He was a thief'.But an eyewitness said that the thief was not Oliver.The thiefs were the two other children.A carriage came and took Mr Brownlow with Oliver to a rich house....

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