Sunday, April 10, 2011


Oliver had gone through many hardships all these days...But Mr Brownlow treated  him very kindly and affectionately...Well a sunny morning,Mr Brownlow trusted some books and five pounds to Oliver to return them to the bookshop....A friend of Mr Brownlow said to him that Oliver would take the five pounds and would never come back...As Oliver was walking down the street,Bill and Nancy saw him and they found the chance to take him back to Fagin by Nancy pretending to be his sister...They managed to bring Oliver back.

A day passed by without any important event...However Bill was planning with his friend(another thief)to use Oliver to burgle Mr Brownlow's house...The other night they tried to burgle the house,but when Oliver got into the house,he started screaming and shouting"Mr Brownlow help,help".Mr Brownlow heard all those voices and woke up..He stood on the stairs and he tried to get Oliver close to him,  but Bill shot Oliver's arm...And he managed to take him with him!!!!!

After they returned home Fagin took care of him but he was obliged to lock him into a room...It was getting dark and Bill with Fagin were trying to find a plan(although Fagin didn't want to kill Oliver) to kill Oliver because they were afraid that he was going to tell it to the police...By chance,Nancy heard that conversation between Bill and Fagin.The next night she went to Mr Brownlow's house and told to his servant (Mr Brownlow wasn't there) that some people were going to kill Oliver.So she told to his servant to tell Mr Brownlow to meet Nancy to the bridge at 12 o'clock and if she was not there that day,she would come the next night!!!!

Well at night,she was preparing to meet Mr Brownlow but Bill didn't let her..So the next night,he let her but he told Dodger to follow her. It went dark and Nancy went to the bridge...She managed to talk to Mr Brownlow...But she didn't mention Bill's name- only Fagin's.When she returned home,Dodger had already told Bill that she talked...And Bill suddenly killed her by hitting her with a piece of wood..After that move everybody hated him...

The other day,Mr Brownlow led the cops to the house,but they didn't manage to save Oliver because Bill threatened to kill him.But when he tried to pass on to the other side of a building (he was holding Oliver)he got hanged accidentally...!!!In the end,they saved Oliver but Fagin went to jail...Mr Brownlow adopted Oliver...A day before Fagin was hanged,Oliver went to see him in jail...He was completely mad but he remembered Oliver and he gave him his jewellery...Finally the other day Fagin was hanged, as well....

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Great effort Helena! However, you need to avoid some careless spelling mistakes! :-)

  2. thank you very much..As about the mistakes like "hause",i'm confused with the same word in german!!!xaxaxaxa..

  3. That's OK, you now know! Happy Easter, dear!

  4. you too, Ms Christina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)