Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oliver Twist part 3

So Oliver was alone in the street and he didn't know where to go.There weren't carts but only cars going up the hill when he saw a sign writing 70 miles to London. He knew that nobody could find him.He didn't have any money or something to eat.

Then he walked 20 miles without food and his feet did not help him to walk.He slept in a field, at first he was afraid but he tried to forget all his troubles.The next day he was cold,he walked 12 miles and he could hardly walk, but a man and a woman gave him something to eat. If they hadn't helped him, he would have fallen dead.

He walked for a little while again, he was near London,in Barnet city.He sat on house's doorstep and nobody talked to him; only a boy came.He was like a man because of his clothing and he helped him after 7 days of walking.They went on a hotel where he ate and slept.The boy told him that he knows somebody who can offer him a meal and a bed for nothing.Oliver learned the boy's name.He was Jack Dawkins.

He walked fast and Oliver followed him to a dark narrow and dirty place. They went inside a poor house with old walls and broken stairs.He saw an old man sitting on an armchair next to a fireplace and he had divided his attention on the food and on some silver handkerchiefs. Oliver saw lots of beds on the floor and 4 or 5 children sitting and smoking on a table.They took Oliver's hat and emptied his pocket. Then, he ate something and slept.

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