Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oliver Twist ( Chapter 4 )

After Oliver escaped from Mr Sowerberry 's house, he didn't know where to go. However, he had seen some carts going up a hill and because he was afraid that Mr Sowerberry would find him, he ran up the hill.

Then, Oliver saw a milestone that said London was 70 miles from there. Oliver thought of this great big place and decided to go there. That day he walked about 20 miles, and the other one 11 miles. Unfortunately, through these 2 days Oliver spent the only penny he had and as the days passed Oliver grew weaker.

Finally, he reached Barnet which was a few miles of London. As the roads were empty he sat on a doorstep. Oliver was covered in dust and his feet had blood. After that Oliver saw a boy the same age with him, who behaved like a man and who was dressed like a man. The boy asked him why he was like that and Oliver told him that he had been walking for 7 days and that he was hungry. The boy said that he would help him.

He took Oliver to an inn where they ate a good meal and after that the boy said that he was living in London. He also said that he knew a gentleman who would surely help Oliver. Oliver found out that the boy's name was Jack Dawkins. At night, when all the streets were empty, Jack took Oliver to London and pulled him inside a house with dirty walls . In the house, there was a man standing by the fire.

This man was strange: he wore dirty clothes, he had red hair and an evil looking face that was half hidden by his red hair. The man was dividing his attention between the meat that he was cooking and some silver handkerchiefs which were hanging.

Furthermore, 4-5 children were sitting around the table and were smoking long pipes! Jack introduced Oliver and the man said he hoped to have the honor of Oliver's friendship. All the boys shook Oliver's hand hard and helped him take out his clothes. Finally, they took supper and Oliver fell asleep in the bed that the old man gave him

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  1. Bravo Maraki! Excellent description and vocabulary used!