Saturday, February 5, 2011


Once upon a time there was Mrs Van Hopper,an unpleasant fat woman.She loved to meet people who were rich and famous...Every summer she and her 'servant' stayed at the Hotel Cote d'Azour,the most expensive hotel in Monte Carlo!There she found out which well-known people were staying in the town.She always found an excuse to speak to them.... A cold afternoon Mrs Van Hopper saw a rich man, Maxim De Winter, who owns Maderley(the most beautiful and old house in west England) and she tried to chat with him....His wife had recently died.This man,when he saw Mrs Van Hopper's servant, fell in love with her...

After a few days he asked her to leave together in Maderley.After a lot of days she accepted the invitation, so they left England together! Days passed very quickly and Maxim married this young girl(servant). None of the neighbours could accept that this schoolgirl had been Mrs De Winter, and especially Danny Doungers(the housekeeper).

Danny Doungers was a good friend of Rebecca (the late Mrs De Winter), so that's the reason of hating Mr De Winter's new wife...After four months of happiness a sudden visit of Favell (Rebecca's cousin) would change everything...Next month Rebecca's body was discovered in her sunken boat (everyone thought that she drowned)....Maxim was obliged to tell the truth to his wife; that he had killed Rebecca because she was a devil woman....After the trial where was decided that Rebecca had killed herself,they went back home...

Favell knew that Maxim had killed his cousin(Rebecca)and he tried to prove it to the judge by a note of her.But that was not enough to accuse Maxim for the murder....So when they returned home they found the ashes of Maderley(probably Danny Doungers with Favell put on fire to the house because they discovered that Maxim had killed Rebecca)...And that was the bad end of REBECCA!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow! Excellent work, Helen! Don't forget to bring the book back on Tuesday so as to get another one! :-)

  2. thank you.Well i won't forget it!!!!