Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A huge bravo to all of the fantastic writers of this blog!

It is amazing to see the number of visits our youngest bloggers' blog has and the variety of countries visitors come from! You now have a real as well as global audience watching you as you develop your writing skills. This can prove a lot to those timid bloggers (I wonder if you remember) who thought that no one was going to see their posts! Take a look at the map and live traffic feed gadgets on the right sidebar and the wide variety of published texts (book descriptions, emails, reviews, articles, short movies with self-created dialogues) and take pride in what you have accomplished so far. I know that I am definitely, utterly and deeply proud of you! What is my final message? Keep writing, guys!

Note: Let me inform you that from now on, if you do not know what a word on the blog means, simply double-click on it and you will get its definition in a pop-up box. Do you think this would work with written tests, as well? :0)

While reading 'Oliver Twist' seated in a circle. 

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