Thursday, July 7, 2011

The forgotten post about the forgotten flamingo!!!

Do you remember the flamingo story? Here it is in all its glory!

I have been wondering...

Do you mostly identify with the lonely flamingo or the decisive shell?


  1. Well, Ι think that I identify the most with the shell because it was fighting for his live. Also, he knew that he would die, although he didn't give up and managed to go in the water again! However, the flamingo was so lonely and depressed and it didn't try to do something in order to not be alone any more but it sat there, going away from all the living creatures.

  2. I believe that i identify the most with the shell because it was trying to save itself and didn't give up...Furthermore it wanted to be with friends and its family,and that was why it was trying to go back into the sea...Also,it was really brave to do that if we compare it with the flamingo which was really lonely and very shy!Altough some people tried to 'communicate' with it,it avoided it by running away from every last human!!!

  3. Really nice story. I admire the shell for its determination. I think that I identify the most with the shell. I'm trying to give my best in order to live better even though I have to trυ hard for it!

  4. I believe that I identify the most with the sell because I can't live without my friends or my family.I want them next to me to help me and give me a piece of advice when I have problems.I admire the shell which tries to come back to it's family beside all the difficulties because it don't want to be lonely.