Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It all started last summer when I was with my family and my cousin's family at the beach. I experienced something absolutely incredible.

I was swimming with my cousin, when we decided to take our fishguns and start fishing. We went in different places in order to catch more fish. I decided to go very deep where the big fish were. All of a sudden while I was watching the fish I saw a head of a person. It took my breath away!

I went closer and I realised it was a head of a big doll. I continue fishing. When I looked back I'd hardly see the coast. I panicked. I swam quickly to the shore. Minutes later I got back to the coast and everyone was waiting for me and all of them were, on the one hand, happy that I finally went out of the water safe and, on the other hand, scared.

After all those that happened my mum and my dad were talking to me about that 'for ages'. I think that experience will be unforgettable.