Saturday, July 2, 2011


Last summer, I went camping with my family and my cousin on a marvelous beach.Everything was under control until a friend of us came with his jet-ski...When I saw it i was thrilled, so I immediately asked my parents if I could rent a jet-ski but the answer was negative...So my cousin Lina, who was amazed too, came up with a great idea!!She suggested renting a jet-ski without telling it to our parents...

And so we did..We told our parents that we would go just for a big walk..Lina who was 18 years old,managed to rent one!So our big ride had begun!We were passing through the small waves like the wind...But suddenly our wonderful day ended up into a terrible nightmare!That happened because we were riding so fast that we didn't see the huge rock under the sea.When we crushed onto the rock,we fell in the sea ...The jet-ski went too far but apart from that we lost the key...When we realised that,we swam quickly to get the jet ski.Hours were passing by quickly but we didn't see any boats... We thought that our parents were looking for us...

Suddenly,when all of our hopes had abandoned us,a little boat appeared.The old man that was in it invited us,but we refused to go with a stranger.The man didn't insist and he left.After a long hour another much bigger boat stopped near us and two men insisted to take us without asking us...Then we realised from their tone of voice that they wanted to hurt us but suddenly the man with the small boat that we saw a long hour before appeared just by luck!!!!!The two men were scared and they left quickly..Afterwards,we got on his boat without having any doubts about him...

Eventually,in half an hour we stepped on the land.We went with the old man to the police station because we knew that our parents might be there...When they saw us they started crying and afterwards we narrated our nightmare with the jet-ski...Well, from this story I want to send a message to all the young people: When our parents don't agree with us,they do it because they love us and they are trying to protect us.So we need to understand them sometimes and not to accuse them...


  1. I really enjoy this story because .. it's true,sometimes we make things that our parents tell us not to do and we don't hear them . So,i suppose that you could not enjoy the "big walk"

  2. I agree with you, Camila! Helena's final message should be taken into consideration b y all teenagers! Bravo Helena for one more great post!

  3. I like your story a lot, Helena - it is marvellous when 15 year olds write pieces like this one, and I love Camila's comment as well. I think you are doing a wonderful job there, students and teacher alike!

  4. Thank you very much...I'm very happy you liked my story...!!!!!!