Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time For Safari!

Last summer I went on a safari in Africa. I was there with my best friends. We had won this safari holiday from a magazine. It was for three days. We satyed in a tree house in order to photograph the wild animals.

One night I was tired and I thought I'd got to bed early. I had just gone to sleep when I suddenly heard a screeching noise next to me. I swiftly woke up and looked around me. Then I just napped on the bed, because I was frightened. While I was sleeping I heard a scraching. Someone was scratching the wooden cabin. I jumped out of my bed terryfied but I couldn't see anything.

I fell in the bed again for third time on the one hand annoyed and from the other frightened. Suddenly I got up screaming loudly because of the camera flashing. After minutes when I stopped screaming and realised what was happen I saw my friends frightened too trying to take a photograph of me. It took my breath away all these but then we slept together and woke up in the next morning tired.

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