Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oliver Twist goes to London...(PART 3)

After Oliver escaped from Mr Sourberry's house,he had no idea where to go....He was lost in a lonely area in which the nearest place was a little village!!!!!After some hours some carts passed from that lonely road and Oliver found the chance to follow them in order to find a safe place to stay for a little while..

After hours of walking he sat on a stone to get some rest..The only food that he had was dry (from the rain) bread!His clothes were in bad condition and really filthy!Now he was trying to find a place to stay at night.He was not lucky at all and the only place he found was a field!!!!!!

Next morning,Oliver saw a milestone that said London was 70 miles from there.He started to walk.As a result, he walked 20 miles that day.The other day he walked only 12 miles because he grew weaker...At last,he reached in a beautiful small village which was called Barnet (few miles from London).He was covered in dust and his feet were covered in blood!

As he was sitting on a doorstep, a boy (at the same age as Oliver) who was called Jack Dawkins,was trying to help him find some food...He was not a normal boy..he was wearing some clothes which were too big for him!Jack suggested taking Oliver to the place where Jack lived.Oliver accepted the invitation because he didn't know what to do!!!!

When they arrived to his house,he pushed Oliver in.A gentleman who was called Fagin welcomed Oliver and said that he had the honour of his friendship.He was wearing filthy clothes.But there was also a strange thing:Fagin's attention was divided into some silver handkerchiefs and the meat that he was cooking....Then Oliver saw 4-5 boys sitting at a small table.After that, Fagin ordered these boys to take Oliver's hat and to empty his pockets...

THAT WAS THE END OF PART 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Great post, Helena! I also like the photo you found! It is taken from the movie we are watching, isn't it?