Tuesday, November 30, 2010

28 Days Later

    28 Days Later is a horror film that was directed by  Danny Boygle.The stars are  Cilian Marphy,Naomie Harrisand Christofer Ecclestor.The actors are very talented and popular.Naomie Harris had played in Pirates of Carribean too.It is a quite scary film.On one hand,Iliked the film a lot,but on the other hond,I dislike it because is gory.
  The plot is that in England there was an illness and every ill person become something like a zombie.Only four people were rescued and they should had to a village that there was an army of about twenty peopole.These four people had a car to go therebut unfotunately the futher of one kid died.So the other three carried on alone.Finally they arrived there and they were safe.The army had a ''zombie'' because they wanted to see what the illness is like.But the small guy managed to escape and he ate all the army and the boy took the two girls and left the place by helicopter.
  The story was scary when ''zombies''attack suddenly and of course the music and the gory scenes make things even more frightening!

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