Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Evanesence gave a concert last Saturday on 31st of October in Pagritio Stadium.The stedium was full and there was a capacity crowd.
They played their bestselling songs for example ''BRING ME TO LIFE'' and ''MY IMMORTAL''.People waved their lighters and their mobile phones and sang all together.The crowd went wild.The lead singer Amy Lee has a brilliant voice and all the other members of the group were fantastic:The bass player,the drummer and the guitarists.The atmosphere was fantastic.
There were,however,some disappointing things about the concert.Some of the fans were a problem and they made so much noise that we couldn't hear anything during the quiet songs.
Apart from this it was an unforgettable concert.If you like pop music,I would definitely recommend you go to Evanesence concert!...

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