Tuesday, November 23, 2010

   What are the best ways to learn vocabulary when you are learning foreign language?
   Learning a foreign language is important for me because I wnat to be a famous footballer.I sould study now if I want to make it an find a good job.However learnig all of vocabulary is very difficult so I souldn study hard.
   Firstly one good way to improve your English is to study many english books and then write what you understund.I use this type of learning and it helps me a lot.
   Secondly another good way to learning English is to watch films and if you wantyou can add and English subtitles too.This is good because you can learn how to speak politly to the people and how to write something in a letter in a composition.
   In conclusion knowing foreign languages is very important because you can find a good job or you can go on university or visit another countries.

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