Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Pam,

Thanks for your email.It's great to hear from you.The photos were brilliant.
Also, the party was great! However it took me a whole day to clean up the house, because it was in a terrible mess.There was rubbish everywhere and broken glasses in the kitchen.I'm glad my mum came back at night so she didn't see the house in this mess! It's OK you left.
As for the photos, they are brilliant. It was really hard to choose the one's I want. So I really like the one where we are all together. You are very funny there! I also want the one that we are together.
Next month when I'm coming to your new place, I'd like to visit the centre, and maybe go sightseeing. I found your diary. Do you want me to sent it or wait until I come to your house? Write back soon.


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