Monday, September 20, 2010

Article:(stop the pop)

Dear Editor
I recently read an article in your newspaper about pop music.
The writer argued that teenagers waste too much time listening to
music.I would like to disagree.

To begin with, people spend a lot of time in their work or schools.
They are tired and students spend a lot of time studing.So music is
a good way to relax,to entertain and to escape that pressure for
example one very good singer is Michael Jackson.He is the king of pop.
He's talented and he's music and lyrics are lovely.

In addition to that,music brings people together.The famous pop singer
Madonna is performing in our country this mounth and lot's of teenagers
and adults will go to the concert.
I love Madonna's music because it's different from the others.It entertains
me.Music provides a way for them to meet new friends or share experiences
with your best friends.

In conclusion I would like to say that people also listen to music when they're sad to forget their problems or when they're happy to entertain ,so music is very important
for them.

Yours faithfull,
Izoldy Tsagarakh

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  1. Nice idea to write a letter on the blog! I surely agree with you; all kinds of music are important to people according to their taste or mood.