Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Dear george,
How are you?Is your leg better than yesterday?Do you need to have surgery?
I hope not....
Are you in pain?I can imagine.Do you remember how i was when i had the accident?I was awful but i think you are in a better situation than i was.....

Also,i'll try to visit you tomorrow because today we have too much homework to do...(Miss Wilson wants us to write a composition and to do fifteen excersises.....)I am so bored to do all these excersises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But you are so lucky because you don't have to do them.We are all looking forward to seeing you again happy.We all miss you........!

Anyway,i have to leave you now because as i told you i have lots of homework to do.I'll try to visit you tomorrow...
Take care of yourself,see you soon
your cousin HELEN......!!!!!!!