Tuesday, September 21, 2010


One very spooky Halloween a little boy and his friends went out for a fun night of trick or treating.Little did they know,it would be a night they would never forget......

At first everything was great.They were getting lots of candy as they went from house to house.They passed other trick or treaters along the way.They saw funny costumes and scary costumes....They were having a fun time.But then a boy who was Mike saw a strange old house and went there to see what it was like.After an hour the other children were looking for him for a long time but Mike has dissapeard ,he had gone into the house because he heard something that sounded like screaming.When he went upstairs he was looking around and then when he turned round he saw a strange figure on the wall,a shadow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He screamed and ran away but then stopped running and he saw a child who has lost his friends........After that he laughed and.......

Finally his friends found him and when he told them the story all the children laughed and they were very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. How many times have we all seen shadows like this one, Elena? Every single time we are afraid of what is about to happen to us. Right?

  2. you have apsolutelly right miss christina

  3. It's a fantastic and spooky story elena!!!Congratulations..!

  4. thank you anna....your composition is perfect too