Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A postcard..!

Well, here I am in Antarctica!The journey here was exhausting, but, so, so amazing because, everything is so different an beautiful!Plus that there aren't any fumes or litter here!The place is so clean and quiet!Here we do a lot of activities...
      Yesterday, we went for a walk round the Antarctica's Biggest valley and we realized that Antarctica isnt't a dead place!Thousands of penguins were around us!But from trees the place is empty...!I mean in the hole valley we didn't see not even one little!In spite of this, it still is a perfect place!
       Tomorrow, we're going to look for king penguins !We want to learn everything about them!I am going to send you some fotos to see everything we are going to do!I'm sure it is going to be great!

Wish you were here!
See you soon!

Lot's of love,


  1. Bravo, Anna!NIce job...I am very proud of you!I am looking forward to see your next posts!

  2. The links to Wikipedia and other pages, especially, are amazing! You're a budding blogger, indeed!

  3. Thank you very much mrs Christina and mum..!