Tuesday, September 21, 2010


     It was 27th of July.Me and daniel went for camping for a week.All were ok but suddenly o strong air  started at night.We cooldn' t sleep a lot.We scared.In the morning it were all fine without air so we dicided to go to explor the mountain...    At first all were good.Every day we went fishing an to explore the place.It was fantastic.The beach was clean with light blue water.Also we swam three times every day.We played water polo in the see and many other games.In the afternoun we decided to go to explore the bihind side of the island.          
    While we walked there it was very scared.We were very tired and david fall down and he hurt on his leg but fortunately he had first aid kit and i try to help him.After that I went to our camp to find water and some food but I saw that distroyed.We couldn't do anithing.David was injured and i had him on my back.it was very dificult to survive.One moment i thought that we were dead.
   Finaly,david parents found us by their helicopter.They saved us and we return again at our homes. It was the most intrestin and scared trip i had ever done.I loved this trip and I realy like to do it again.

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  1. Bravo Nick, great story! You posted it twice, but that's fine! See what you can do if you try? I am now waiting for more stories like this one, hehe!