Sunday, September 19, 2010

Learning Vocabulary

Learning a foreign language is very important so that everyone can communicate however leanrning all of the vocabulary is very difficult.
Firstly to learn a foreign language you need a good teacher. In addition you must want to do this because if you don't want to learn a language and you do it for your mum you will never learn the language.
Secondly the best ways to learn vocabulary when you are learning a foreign language is to look up words you don't know in a dictionary. What is moreto note down new words in your vocabulary notebook. Further more reading English books and magazines is a good way to learn vocabulary. Another way is when you say a word think of another one with a similar meaning. The essential thing you must do when you are learning a new language is to go through your vocabulary book regularly looking at the word you have written down.
In conclusion learning new vocabulary is difficult but important . In my opinion learning a new vocabulary is the basic thing of a foreign language.


  1. Learning new vocabulary is tough, but also very useful! How else can we speak the language effectively? So, I couldn't agree more with you.

  2. Hello Everyone,
    My name is Eileen and I live and teach in New york City New York.
    I found this blog by accident :) I am so happy to have made this mistake. It proves that every mistake is an opportunity for learning.

    Let me try and explain. I teach teachers and candidates who are becoming teachers. I wanted to teach everyone about a very special vocabulary list that children in the early grades must master. This list is called "E Class"

    Another reason why I am happy to have made this mistake is that I belong to a global organization called AAEEBL Association for Authentic Evidence-based Learning. I am responsible for creating a new section within this organization dedicated to understanding themes and issues shared by teachers, kindergarten through High School.

    I hope we stay in contact.

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  4. Hello Eileen, I am the teacher of this very special E' Class and I was more than happy to find out about this coincidence you are talking about! The students will definitely be thrilled with your visit as well as comment and I am thanking you on their behalf, even though they will surely post a comment themselves soon. Please do stay in touch; we will all be glad to exchange opinions with you or your trainees.