Saturday, September 18, 2010


We started our expedition with all the equipments that we needed to have.There were three of us.Me, my good partner John and my best friend Nik!Our expedition was to the mountain 'Ben Nevis' and we didn't have a leader.

We were in the midle of the journey, when Nik said:'Hey I think something is going wrong here'.I said:'What?Is it something dangerous?'And he replied to me:'Yes!I think that my rope is going to break any minuite now!'I froze and I kept looking at the height we were at for five minuites.Then I said:'Stay here.I'll go to bring another one!But I have to go down and I'll be a while so don't move at all!'He didn't say anything.He just nodded.But while me and Nik were trying to find a solution, John had reached the top and he couldn't help us.I had already began to panic!
I went down after two hours and I found the rope.I tried to climb again, faster this time!To my surprise when I finally reached Nik he was smiling!I gave him the rope and he tried to change the old one with the new one.This moment was the worse moment in my life.I heared a terrible scream and when I loooked to Nik's side he WASN'T THERE!!!I started to cry because I had realized that he had fallen!

Finally I reached the top crying and when I told John what had happened , he had an unknown look on his face and he cried too.When we called the police nobody could find his body.....After that, I didn't go on any expedition again!


  1. Wow Anna, you have already started blogging; that's very impressive!

    What an exciting story! I am looking forward to more posts like this one. :0)

  2. I agree Anna your story is very exciting!!!

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