Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The destruction of the ozone layer

The problem

In our atmosphere there is a layer that contains ozone.This is the ozone layrer which is important for our life.Why is it important?The ozone prevents the harmful UV rays from reaching the ground.Unfortunately for many years people used to use products with CFCs in them.CFCs are dangerous because they destroy the ozone.The effect is that harmful UV rays are reaching the ground and damage our eyes and skin.

The cause

The cause is the destruction of the ozone layer.This is because of the CFCs.The products that contain CFCs are the old air conditioners and fridges and the spray cans

The solution

One solution is to find some other chemicals to replace CFCs.So we have to recycle our old fridges and air conditioners.Fortunately there are some changes in the law shich forbid the use of spray cans with CFCs in them.

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