Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Oliver was a little boy who was born in a big workhause.Unfortunately his poor mother died after the birth.Her life was so difficult.She was not married and she was pregnant.But according to the law,when you were pregnant,but not married,you should be hung because they thought that,that was a crime.That's the reason,she left her hause!!!!!

As i said before,Oliver was living in a workhause.There the things were difficult.Oliver was obliged to work all day for a little amount of food.Their food was a little bit of soup or a piece of meat with soup that was like water.Only on Sundays they were eating the soup but with a piece of bread.

The whole workhause was filthy.They weren't washing up the plates.

As the days went by,Oliver,during a cloudy afternoon,asked for a little more soup.But Mr Bumble,who was an important officer in the town,started beating Oliver because the children should have only one bowl of soup.After that he shut Oliver in a dark room,for all the week,as a punishment!!!!Mr Bumble thought that Oliver would become a thief when he grew up and that's the reason that he gave 5 pounts to anyone that take Oliver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Bravo Helena! Now I am anxiously waiting for the summary of parts 2 and 3! :)