Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oliver Twist ( Chapter 2 & 3)

Next day Mr Sourberry , a man who made coffins for the dead people, appeared in the workhouse and wanted to take Oliver with him. After that Mr Bumble took Oliver to Sourberry's shop. Mr Sourberry called Mrs Sourberry, a selfish, rude and strict woman to see Oliver. She called Oliver ' Bag of Bones' and gave him to eat the dog's food. 

Then she took Oliver in the shop and told him that he would sleep among the coffins. The next day Oliver woke up because of a door knock. He opened the door and saw a fat boy eating bread and butter. This boy, Noah Claypole was a poor boy who lived in the neighborhood.However, he pretended to be a rich boy and made Oliver work under him.

After some more days passed by, Noah made Oliver's life even worse. Although Mr Sourberry was kind to him, Mrs Sourberry was his enemy. One day Noah was trying to make Oliver cry, so he provoked him by telling bad things about his mother. Oliver was very upset and fought with Noah. Then Mrs Sourberry appeared and started to tear and hit Oliver. After that he put him into a very dark room. 

Noah went to Mr Bumble and told him that Oliver tried to kill him and Mrs Sourberry. Mr Bumble went to Sourberry's house and asked Oliver if he was afraid of him. Oliver answered that he wasn't afraid of him, an answer that Mr Bumble didn't expect to hear. Bumble was very surprised and justified Oliver's answer as a result of eating a lot of meat. He even said to Mrs Sourberry that she was very kind to Oliver! 

When, at night, Mr Sourberry went home, Mrs Sourberry told him what happened and despite the fact that Mr Sourberry wanted to be kind to the boy, his wife made him hit Oliver. At night Oliver went to sleep in the shop and cried all night. Finally, in the early morning he took all of his clothes and escaped....

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