Friday, January 28, 2011

Oliver Twist

He goes out to work!
Oliver started working with Mr Sourberry in a coffin shop. The wife of Mr Sourberry, Mrs Sourberry, when she saw Oliver thought that he was not up to the job because he was short and thin, and he cost a lot. Mrs Sourberry was so bad with Oliver. She gave him the meat of the dog's plate. But Oliver with the thought of meat shined. Oliver's bed was the coffins. He was so afraid. One day Noah, a big fat boy, knocked on the shop's door. Oliver opened to him and Noah said to Oliver that he was working for him. Noah's mother was washing clothes and his father's job was drunken soldier.

He runs away!
Mr Sourberry was good to Oliver but Mrs Sourberry hated him. Oliver's life wasn't so good. One day Noah tried to make him cry by saying to him that his mother was bad. Oliver went mad and hit Noah. He shouted at Mrs Sourberry and she scratched Oliver's face. After this Noah hit him from behind. They hit Oliver too much. Afterwards, Mrs Sourberry told him to go to the black room. Mss Sourberry lied to her housband and the same did Noah to Mr Bumble. He said that Oliver tried to kill them. When Mr Bumble went to the black room and saw him, Oliver told him that he was not afraid. This make Bumble think that the problem was the meat that he was eating. He told the Sourberry family that if they gave him soup this wouldn't happen again. Then, Mrs Sourberry cried, so Mr Sourberry hit Oliver. The next morning Oliver took his clothes and went away..

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