Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oliver Twist (Unit 2 and 3)

Oliver started working with Mr Sowerberry in his coffin shop . Mrs Sowerberry was a bad , mean , rude and strict woman.Oliver was a small boy, like a 'bag of bones'.Mrs Swerberry took Oliver to his room.But his room was dark and his bed was a coffin. Suddenly, he heard a knock on the door.When he opened the door he saw a fat and big boy , eating bread and butter. The boy was Mr Noah Claypole. He wasn't from the workhouse but his mother washed clothes and his father was a drunken soldier.Also this boy was very rude to Oliver. Mr Sowerberry was polite to Oliver but Mrs Sowerberry was impolite to him and she wanted to make Oliver cry. So she said to him bad things about his mother when Mr Sowerberry was gone .Then Oliver got angry with her and he went to the dark room and started crying.Mrs Sowerberry called Mr Mumdle and told him the lie that Oliver tried to murder her . When MrBumdle arrived told her that the problem was the food because she gave Oliver a lot of meat. Mr Bumdle told her to leave Oliver without food.But Oliver took his clothes and ran away from this awful house!!!!!!!!

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