Friday, January 28, 2011

Oliver Twist part 2

Mr Sawberry went out for a walk.He saw Oliver and soon arranged for Oliver to work for him. He had a shop and he sold coffins.His wife came to see Oliver.He was too thin and short. She knew that he was living into the workhouse.Mr Sawberry said that this boy ate their food, drank their drinks so he cost a lot.She was so rude and strict. They gave him the dog's food but Oliver ate it fast because he liked it.Oliver slept in the coffins of the shop because he couldn't sleep anywhere else.

In the morning someone knocked on the door.He opened it and saw a fat boy eating bread with butter.Oliver asked him if he wanted coffins. His name was Noah Claypole.He said that Oliver worked under him.Noah's dad was a drunken soldier and his mum washed clothes.Noah said him that his mother was bad and he said that he pitied him.So Oliver became angry and threw him in the ground Mr Sawberry came from the kitchen and scratched Oliver's face. Noah hit him from behind and tore his clothes.

Then they put him in a dark room.He sat and cried.The woman told Mr Sawberry that he would have killed them.Then Noah saw to Mrs Bumble and said that Oliver tried to murder him. Bumble came to the dark room to talk to him and Oliver said that he was not afraid.The man said to them that the problem was the meat that they gave him and that he came for a bad family.But suddenly the woman started crying and said to Mr Sawberry to beat the child. He heard her and hit Oliver very hard.Finally, at night Oliver tidied his clothes,took all his things,opened the door and escaped.

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