Friday, January 21, 2011

My fondest concert

The rock group 'Metallica' gave a concert in my town last Saturday.The stadium was full two hours before the start of the concert.There was a capacity crowd.

The concert started at eight o' clock.They played the really loud song Master Of Puppets and directly then their hit-song Fade To Black. The atmosphere was electric.After that the group sang thirty great songs.

Unfortunately there was a bad point to the concert.The lighting was not good because it makes you dizzy.Anyway, the rock group played a song called Unforgiven at the end.People waved their lighters and mobiles. It was exiting.

That was the best concert whick i had ever been. I would recomend you to go and see Metallica because it is a fantastic experience.

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  1. Great work Hercules! Including links in your text was a perfect idea- it shows that you are an accomplished blogger now! :)