Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oliver Twist Part 2

Oliver Twist worked with Mr Sowerberry.Mr Sowerberry made coffins for dead people.Mr Sowerberry behaved better to Oliver than his wife.His wife was Mrs Sowerberry.She was a thin and short woman and she talked badly to Oliver.She called him 'bag of bones'.When Mrs Sowerberry told Oliver to eat meat, Oliver's eyes shone.Oliver was sleeping between coffins.

The next day Oliver ate butter and bread for breakfast.Later Noah Claypole came.Noah was a poor child but he was very rude.His mother washed clothes and his father was a drunken soldier.Noah tried to make  Oliver cry .Mrs Sowerberry scratched Oliver in his face.After that, they stopped fighting.Oliver went in a dark room.Later Oliver came out of the dark room.Noah told him about his mother and Oliver attacked to Noah.When Mr Sowerberry came,he saw Mrs Sowerberry cry. Mr Sowerberry beat him.The next day Oliver left with some clothes in his hand...

To Be Continued....

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