Friday, January 21, 2011

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is a book written by Michael Crichton. The book has been transferred 3 times in a movie.

The story begins in Montana, USA where two scientists, one paleontologist- Dr Alan Grant and one paleobotanist- Dr Ellie Sattler, are studying dinosaurs. Suddenly a lawyer from the EPA ( environmental protection agency ) arrives and wants to talk to Alan Grant. The lawyer wants to learn a few things about John Hammond(a millionaire) who is giving money to Alan Grant in order to learn more about dinosaurs. Alan replies to the lawyer that Hammond gives him about $30.000 per year for their work on dinosaurs. After that the lawyer leaves and Allan with Ellie are receiving a fax that talks about an attack near Costa Rica from a very big lizard that looks like a real dinosaur who lived in the Jurassic period.Ellie and Alan can't believe their eyes. After that they get a phone call from Hammond who tells them that they have to go to his island near Costa Rica. So, a helicopter transfer them to Isla Nublar. There they meet Ed Regis - the publicity manager. As soon as they got out of the helicopter Alan starred at a very high tree with no leaves. After a few moments he realized that he wasn't looking at a tree but a real dinosaur who was 15 m high. At first he thought that this was certainly a machine but then Malcolm ( a mathematician ) and Denis Nedry ( a computer expert ) asked Hammond if this animal was alive and Hammond said that this animal was really alive.Then they all went in the Control Room where the most powerful computer system was installed in order to keep the park safe, they met John Arnold, the chief engineer, and Robert Muldoon , the park warden who looked after the animals , two of the most important men in the Jurassic Park. Then they went in a Room called Extractions. There they meet Henry Wu the chief genetic who explained to them how they made the dinosaur's DNA. Wu took dinosaur's DNA from a tree called amber, that dinosaurs used to feed with it. So Dinosaurs blood was inside amber. Although some pieces of the DNA was missing so Wu took these pieces from other animals and replaced it. Some moments later they were back again in the Control room where Arnold showed them how the park was working. He showed them a map of the island where blue lines appeared. These blue lines showed the movement of the dinosaurs. also there were some sensors who were counting the number of the dinosaurs who existed in the hole park. Furthermore the dinosaurs couldn't escape from their enclosures because there were extremely powerful electric fences. Everything showed that the park was very safe, however Malcolm thought that according to his theory everything was going to be destroyed. His theory was called ' The chaotic theory' that said that when everything is going extremely perfect something was going to happen and everything would be destroyed.

All of them went in a tour of the island but Nedry didn't want to go with them. Nedry had a plan.
He was going to shut all the computer system down in order to steal the dinosaurs' DNA and give it in another company. Indeed, while the others with Hammond's grandchildren were in the tour, Nedry shuted down all the computer system and stole the dinosaurs' DNA. Unfortunately without electricity the Jurassic park wasn't safe anymore. So , while Nedry tried to escape from the island he was killed by a dinosaur.

Furthermore all of the others were in great danger too. Without electricity the park became as it was in the Jurassic period. Some dinosaurs killed others in order to feed their self. So, the dinosaurs attacked in many of the people and many of them were killed for example Professor Malcolm and Hammond. Although all of them tried to get in the Control Room and start the computer system again in order to be safe, no one could start the system again so they called the police and soon they were in helicopters watching the island burning.....

Jurassic Park Beat ( soundtrack from the movie)

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  1. Well done Mary! It is nice to see that there are book worms in my classes!!! Can you guess what this idiom means? Look it up- it is certainly a word of praise! :-) I am so happy for you; keep reading books and you will reap the benefits later on!