Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre lost his parents when she was young, so her uncle took her with him to take care of her.
He had a good relationship with her, but his wife did not.He was unkind.Also, her cousin terrorised her so her uncle decided to put her in a school for poor and orphan children.

This school wasn't very good and the headmaster was bad to her and always told her that she was a liar.When she grew up, she became a teacher, but then she left school and went to a big house working as a governess to take care of a girl.Then, she came across the girl's dad and she fell in love with him. She enjoyed his company, spending many evening hours talking with him and learning about the things he had seen in his travels.

But something strange always happened at night.Jane went to her cousin Eliza helping her with the housework before Eliza become a nun.When she returned, she and her boss agreed to get married, but a strange woman went into her room one night and ripped her wedding veil in two.When they got married, a lawyer burst in and declared that Mr. Rochester cannot marry because he is already married to Mr. Mason's sister.

So he explained that his wife was a violent madwoman and he asked Jane to go with him to the south of France and live as husband and wife, even though they cannot be married. Refusing to go against her principles, and despite her love for him, Jane left Thornfield in the middle of the night and travelled to the north of England by coach, using the little money she had saved. She fainted on the doorstep, speaking aloud as she made herself ready for death, but was saved by St John Rivers, a young clergyman, and brother to Diana and Mary and they found her a teaching position at a nearby charity school.

Then, the sisters left but St John discovered Jane's true identity. John died and left her his entire fortune of £20,000 and St John astounded her by showing her a letter stating that John is also her and her sisters' uncle.Jane was so happy. St John asked Jane to accompany him to India as his wife.However, at that very moment, she suddenly felt Mr. Rochester calling her name. The next morning, she left for Thornfield to ascertain Mr. Rochester's well-being.

Jane arrives at Thornfield to find only blackened ruins. She learns that Rochester's wife set the house on fire and committed suicide by jumping from the roof. In his rescue attempts, Mr. Rochester lost a hand and his eyesight. Jane reunites with him, but he fears that she will be repulsed by his condition. When Jane assures him of her love and tells him that she will never leave him, Mr. Rochester again proposes. He eventually recovers enough sight to see their first-born son.

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