Sunday, March 20, 2011



Fagin got in to Oliver's room.After he assured that Oliver was sleeping,Fagin drew out a box from a secret hole in the floor which was covered by a small carpet.When he opened it, he started taking out:6 old watches full of jewels,rings and other splendid jewels...Suddenly he heard a noise and looked at Oliver.The poor boy had fixed his eyes on him.Fagin threatened Oliver and asked him if he had seen something.The boy told him that he had just woken up...

Hours passed by and in the afternoon Jack Dawkins returned to the house with Charlie Bates ,another thief.Fagin asked Jack what he had stolen.The boy took out of his pockets two purses and the other boy four marked handkerchiefs.They took out the marks with a needle.

After a while Fagin pretended to be a gentleman by wearing treasures , holding a stick and looking at the shop windows with fear of thieves!Jack pushed Fagin and took everything he had in his pockets.That was the GAME as Fagin used to call it.A few minutes later two girls appeared in the house.Their names were Nancy and Bet.Fagin suggested Oliver to try to take a handkerchief from Fagin's pocket without feeling it.But Oliver still was thinking that they were playing just a pure game!


After playing this game,Oiver begged Fagin to let him go out.Oliver followed Jack and the others. Suddenly Jack took a handkerchief from an old man who had white hair and glasses and he was carrying a stick. Then,Oliver understood that they weren't playing just a game. Oliver started running but when the others saw Oliver running they shouted 'stop thief'.Somebody managed to hit Oliver and he had blood on his little face!The officer said Oliver to stand up with a hard voice but the old man felt sorry for Oliver.Mr Brownlow the old man,knew that another boy stole his handkerchief, since there were eye witnesses, too.After that, Oliver fainted and Mr Brownlow took him with him by carriage..

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  1. Great effort, Maraki, once again! Don't forget to use commas where necessary! :)